10 High School Stereotypes That Exist for a Reason

We’re not sure if it’s the back-to-school season or the fact that Mean Girls just celebrated its 10 year reunion (yeah, we’re old), but we’ve been feeling pretty dang nostalgic around here lately.

That’s why we compiled a list of the 10 people we all met in high school. You should be able to easily remember each one of these people, and if you can’t … chances are that person was you.

1. The Goth


These people didn’t just dabble in the dark and depressing, they set up shop there. They spent a lot of time inside Hot Topic and spouting anti-authoritarian remarks, but they probably had a really lovely and normal home life.


2. The Artist


These quiet students were constantly covered in paint and took seven hours of art classes every day. Most of them had an ever-evolving hairstyle that was prone to changing color more often than the paint stains on their overalls.


3. The Drama Nerd

drama school

These high-energy thespians were in literally every single school play or production. Even when the bright lights weren’t on, they had no problem singing in the halls or breaking into a randomly choreographed dance that made “High School Musical” look amateur.


4. The Genius Slacker


These people never came to class, and when they did, they were using their textbook as a drool catcher. But despite all the zzzzzz’s, they somehow ended up getting all the A’s. We all rued the day that their laziness finally caught up to them, but the joke was on us — they’re all in Silicon Valley now.


5. The Overachiever


The overachiever’s homework was always 100% complete and turned in two days before it was due. Along with being class president, this person was also president of three different clubs, co-founder of another two and generally hated by everyone.


6. The Band Geek

band geek

These kids somehow managed to spend all their time in the band room, whether that was their current class or not. They tended to run in packs and march to the beat of their own (very weird) drum.


7. The PDA Couple


These two were attached at the hip — and mouth. Despite our futile efforts, there was no escaping their disgusting PDA: by the lockers, in the parking lot, at the football game, in your parents’ basement. THEY WERE MAKING OUT EVERYWHERE. They’re probably still together — and hopefully still stuck at first base.


8. The Dumb Jock


Ironic that these guys were known as “Lettermen” considering they couldn’t even spell their first names. These meatheads spent more time at practice than they did in class, and the only geometric shapes they were concerned with involved a ball.


9. The Cheerleader


You always knew when the cheerleaders were around. They were loud, they were proud and they thought they ruled the school. They were also the subject of creepy looks and/or stares by all the male teachers.

Note: The Dumb Jock and Cheerleader may or may not have been the school Power Couple, depending on how badly they wanted to live up to stereotypes. Bonus cliché points if they were Homecoming King and Queen.


10. The Vampire

going there

We’ve never met any, but Buffy, Twilight, and the Vampire Diaries can’t ALL be lying.


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  1. I encountered all of these while I was in high school, I’m kinda curious as to what the Japanese (or Russian, or Brazilian) version of these stereotypes are…

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    • mazuma

      So we did some research and have gotten exactly nowhere in trying to find that out – everything came up as stereotypes about the countries themselves rather than stereotypes that people in another country have regarding their high school students. We think we maybe need to learn Japanese and try another search.

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    • Unfortunately, in Brazil, we have no cheerleader 🙁

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  2. I am a mix between a Band Nerd and a vampire.

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