10 People Who Should Replace Insufferable Joe Buck

The Kansas City Royals may be facing the New York Mets in the World Series, but we all know who the real enemy is: Fox announcer Joe Buck. The insufferable play-by-play man has worn out his welcome in Kansas City. His man crush on Madison Bumgarner in last year’s Series made our blood boil, and one Royals fan has gone so far as to create a petition to ban Buck from the World Series broadcast. Indeed, the best part about Game 1’s technical difficulties were that they made Buck disappear — at least for a few innings.

Here’s a list of people who we’d love to see permanently replace Fox’s leading man:


Rex Hudler


In the words of our beloved local color commentator, Joe Buck’s, “Got to go!”


Matt Vasgersian of MLB Network

Matt Vasgersian

Fox picked up Vasgersian’s call from the MLB international broadcast while the station tried to regain power. We don’t know much about this guy, other than the fact that his voice sounded like angels singing compared to Buck.


Pete Rose

pete rose

Awkward? Check. Aggressive? Check. Still better than Buck? CHECK.


Gus Johnson


Nobody calls dramatic plays better than Johnson, and here’s proof. One can only imagine what it’d be like to hear Johnson lose his mind as Alex Gordon crushed that game-tying homer in the ninth inning of Game 1. Currently employed by Fox Sports, he’d be the most logical option to buck Buck out of his spot.


Denny Matthews

denny matthews

Trusted, reliable and classically understated. Matthews has been the Royals play-by-play announcer since their inception in 1969 and would bring a much needed calmness to these heart stopping games.


Kevin Harlan

kevin harlan

One of the best in the business, Harlan has called everything from the Final Four to the Super Bowl. And the best part? He’s a Kansas City resident with no previous history of salivating over the opposing team’s players.


Christian Martinoli

Even though hardly anyone would understand this Latin soccer announcer, he’d still be a huge upgrade from Buck. Plus, just listen to him scream “GOOOAAAALLLLLL” and imagine it’s Homser’s walk off from Game 1. #chills


Ellen DeGeneres

ellen degeneres

No one would be more entertaining. Plus, her show recently visited the University of Kansas to help students get hyped for the World Series. As of this publishing, nothing was planned for NYU. Safe to say we know who she’s rooting for.


Al Michaels

Al Michaels

Michaels has one of the most famous calls ever: “Do you believe in miracles? YESSS!!!!” Great moment in sports history, but the real miracle would be him taking over play calling duties for the rest of the World Series.


Fran Drescher

fran gif

Yup. Even the most grating voice in the world would be a reprieve from Buck’s banal rambling.


Have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below and GO ROYALS! #TakeTheCrown


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