10 Reasons Gary Lezak Always Brings the Thunder

When it comes to meteorologists, Kansas City is flooded with talent. Fox 4 Chief Meteorologist Mike Thompson is an Emmy Award winner, and Chief Meteorologist Bryan Busby of KMBC has a cuddly factor that no one else can claim.

But there’s one man who stands above the rest, both for his skills in front of the camera and for his dedication to KC off it. Here are 10 reasons why 41 News Chief Meteorologist Gary Lezak brings the thunder like no one else.


1. He’s a lean, mean, weather-fightin’ machine

lezak works out

Source: KC Confidential


2. He takes himself super seriously (maybe not)

lezak wig

Source: Gary Lezak Facebook


3. But he DOES take the weather seriously. And blogs it, too.



4. He’s a selfie savant

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 2.31.47 PM

Source: Gary Lezak Facebook


5. He is #ForeverRoyal

gary at royals game

Source: Gary Lezak Facebook


6. He kicked cancer’s booty

lezak cancer

Source: kshb.com


7. The man can spot a double rainbow. Off duty. IN LAS VEGAS.


Source: Gary Lezak Facebook


8. He’s got three awesome co-hosts #Sunny #Stormy #Breezy

lezak dogs

Source: Gary Lezak Facebook


9. He lights up our lives

lezak plaza

Source: Gary Lezak Facebook


10. And he’s an awesome coworker

coworker better


Awesome costume bonus round: he knows there’s no place like home (and like we said, he takes himself super seriously)

lezak oz

Source: Gary Lezak Facebook


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  1. I like the guy, but he’s going down marketing road. hopefully it works for him but a person who is constantly marketing himself and his products 24/7 doesn’t work for me, I’ve quit watching him and reading his blogs

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