10 Reasons Why the Royals Stole Our Hearts in ’14

Kansas City, we’re all devastated. We were SO CLOSE to winning the World Series. This feels worse than that time KC was voted as the 10th worst-dressed city in the states. And that hurt.

But at Mazumafy, we’re at least semi-professionals. That means we’ll write something positive so that we don’t spend the next four days wallowing in our cups. And while our Hollywood story may not have had the ending we wanted, there have been so many amazing things worth celebrating this season that we can’t be really be sad. This has been AWESOME.

Here are a few of our favorite moments from an amazing post-season run.


1. Hosmer and the boys bought you a beer.


If you were one of the 500+ lucky fans at McFadden’s after the Royals swept the Angels, you got to celebrate with players like Eric Hosmer and Greg Holland – and they picked up the tab. Just epic.


2. KC cashed in.


Every home game in the series was expected to bring in $5 million big ones to businesses across KC. That doesn’t suck.


3. This football town experienced a baseball renaissance.


For three decades, October in KC meant one thing: football. But not this year. During a recent Chiefs home game, fans could be heard on TV chanting “Let’s Go Royals!” It was magical. And confusing.

But mostly magical.


4. We learned a valuable lesson in fandom from a Korean guy.


Sung Woo Lee taught us to be better fans, to never lose faith and to look at our team in a way that we hadn’t been able to before — as winners.


5. We got to see a lot of this girl.







Taking awkwardness to a whole new level. Especially while watching the game with Pops.

Maybe this one isn’t so great.


6. October was painted blue. And St. Louis joined in.


For the first time in FOREVER, there was no talk of a Cardinals Red October. It was all about the blue, baby. And our longstanding rivalry with the Cardinals? Suddenly it seemed so juvenile.


7. Wait, no. The ENTIRE COUNTRY joined in.

royals win hearts

Remember this map? Usually we’re just known as fly over country, but for a brief, beautiful moment, Kansas City became the United States of Royals Fans. Even the Giants’ home state wanted the Royals to win. #FeelTheLove


8. We witnessed a feat that an entire generation of people who are now adults never saw.


Almost 30 years of nothing, then suddenly – MIRACLE. Kids then are adults now. Adults then are now old. A lot of us weren’t even born yet, and now we have epic stories to tell for the rest of our lives.


9. To make up for what we missed, we traveled back in time and partied like it was 1985.

party 1985

For several weeks, we went back to 1985. Prices at local restaurants, apparel and songs went back 30 years, and it was AMAZING (who doesn’t love this song?).
[Ed. Note: We *really* wanted to make that link a RickRoll for funsies and to troll everyone 2008-style just a little bit, but “Never Gonna Give You Up” didn’t come out until 1987. That said, hopefully that song is stuck in your head now. If so, you’re welcome.]


10. Despite losing the World Series, our postseason still made baseball history.


Think about this. We went from hardly any experience in postseason games, to eight consecutive wins. Only three other teams in all of baseball history have had that many wins in a row. And the Giants AREN’T one of them.


OK, we feel a little better already. At least we’re done crying and are starting to sober up.

But for real, we tip our hats to the Boys in Blue. You guys rocked it this year.



Author: mazuma

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  1. approved. way to go, KC. way to go. kudos to the blogger too. <3

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    • Loved this blog!! Just like I loved watching my husband, who I have accused for the last 25 years of being the only loud and proud Royals fan in central Kansas, soak up this playoff run like a little kid anticipating Christmas. Of course, he’s taking the loss kinda hard and he’s been a high school coach for over 20 years so he’s seen his share of lost games. Anyway, thanks for the blog post- preparing to share it with him now. And thanks to the commenter who wrote about the kindergarteners and their teachers- good, good stuff!

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  2. I’m a bus driver and have to say the kids were really sad this morning too. I’ve never been booed by kindergartens before but they didn’t like my answere that there is always next year. Some were crying and others just unusually quiet. One said she was crying because her mom was crying. Others were blaming the loss on themselves. One said he didn’t even get a lucky shirt until the 4th game and it was too late. One said he fell asleep during one of the games and he knows he should not have done that. One said she blinked too much when “somebody” was batting. After picking up the same group of kindergartens to go home for the day, they were all much better. So, I don’t know what magic those teaches have, but whatever it was, kudos to them and all the teachers! I had just never seen a bunch of depressed 5 year olds before and thankful somebody knew just the right things to say. Love your blog. Keep up the good work!

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  3. Who says there’s no crying in baseball?

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    • After the game, they showed George Brett just standing up there all alone. Maybe it’s just me, but I wish I could’ve hugged him.

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  4. Loved your list but just wanted you to know this 100 proof Royals fan is not devastated at all. A little disappointed we didn’t take home the trophy, but this awesome team took us on a wild roller coaster ride all the way to the 7th game of the World Series, and in the end it came down to the very last out. So, we’re the second best baseball team in America. We’ll just try harder next year. This team was like the “little engine that could.” We’re American League Champions and really, that’s good enough for me.

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  5. My 5 year old kindergartener was so happy, he changed our 11 year old dog’s name to Cain! We’ll see how that works out!

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