10 Viral YouTube Videos That Still Rock

Some things — like Maggie Simpson, Rob Lowe, and “that’s what she said” jokes — never grow old. The same can be said about viral YouTube videos. Here’s a list of our favorites that have stood the test of time and still rock our socks off:

Charlie Bit My Finger

It’s been 7 years, but we’re guessing it’s still hurting. And that Charlie is now a full-blown cannibal.

Double Rainbow

We’ll take what he’s having all the way!

Dramatic Chipmunk

When people say they belong to a bank, we be like:

Numa Numa

No idea what this song is saying, but it’s still Numa-ro uno in our hearts.

Miss South Carolina


I’m a Snake

Kansas City comedian goes viral after getting featured on Tosh.0. What a great way to represent our city. #highbrowhumor

Surprised Kitty

A YouTube list without kittens is like a Disney movie without hidden crude jokes — unfathomable.

David After Dentist

You know this is parental revenge for something.

Wedding Dance

Just like Chris Brown’s song, this video’s sheer awesomeness will last “Forever.”


The kid keeps yelling “It’s not funny,” and he’s right. It’s hilarious.


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