10 Ways to Enjoy The Warm Weather in Kansas City

This past weekend we had such beautiful weather, we couldn’t help but hope and ask, “Is this forever?” Sorry to say that it’s not forever, but it’s at least for the next week!

Naturally we had to put together a post that helps you take full advantage of the wonderful warmth, because as much of a tease these days can be, they are really what get us through a typical KC winter. Bonus points — you won’t have to deal with your allergies when you’re outside!

This is how we’ve spent the past few days enjoying the sunshine, and we highly recommend you cross at least a few of these off your list, too.


1. Get in at LEAST one round of golf — if only because it’s cool to say you played 18 in January in Kansas City




2. Go to the zoo — most likely all the animals that have stayed out of sight will be out enjoying the warmth, too




3. Have a backyard BBQ, or even better, get out that smoker and watch the neighbors swarm like ants. NOTHING smells better than smoking meat in the wind.


4. Finally take down your Christmas decorations — you know who you are — because you no longer have the potential for frostbite as an excuse.

christmas lights


5. Grab your gift receipts and return all those unwanted gifts. Not only are the sales awesome, but your return window is getting smaller by the week.


6. Use that warm-weather induced energy to get a few projects done — like cleaning the garage or spray painting the ugly tempered-glass goblets your boyfriend’s grandmother gave you from her basement as a “house warming” gift.


7. Do nothing but sit there and smile at the sun. Because he just came out to say hello for a little bit, and may not be back for a while.



8. Give your dog the extra long walk you’ve been depriving them of — you both will be so thankful.



9. Get that team of flag football together and get a little muddy. Because the ground isn’t so frozen that if you fall on it, it breaks you.

flag football

10. At least attempt the car wash. It may take driving by it 18 times over a period of three days, but at some point you’ll get lucky and there will only be 25 cars ahead of you. But who cares? Roll down those windows and take the time to do #7.

car wash



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