11 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job Right Now

Before the economy improved, we all dug our claws into our current job (if we were lucky enough to have one), no matter how much we detested it. We worked overtime and took on extra work for free. We made sure we were miles away from the office and our phones were off before we even began to think about how much we hated it all — let alone said it out loud. And when we did, we quickly looked around in search of audio spying equipment that streamed live to our boss’s computer.

It all adds up to this moment, when you can beat your chest and scream at the top of your lungs: NO MORE!

With the economy much improved, you now have the freedom to really think about whether your job is worth it, or if it’s time to look for greener pastures. And as always, we at Mazumafy are here to help you with a very convenient list of reasons for why you should JUST GO.

Disclaimer: Mazumafy and any of its affiliates are not responsible for you quitting your job, especially if you don’t have another one lined up first or are already making some sick dough. #SRSLY #ThinkAboutIt


If your only view of the sunset in the summer is from your office



If you haven’t taken a day off since your child was born — and he’s 13



If you don’t recognize said child when you do go home. Miley, is that you?!



If the only raise you get is that of your boss’s eyebrow when you ask for one



If the dread you have for going into work tomorrow gives you the vurps



If your coworker stopping to say ‘hi’ causes you to do this:




If you mentally check out an hour before you even get in




If you salivate every time you hear the word ‘Friday’



If this is what you do when you “go out for lunch”













If this thought goes through your head every time your boss gives you an assignment

shut up













If you’re googling reasons to quit your job:








Seriously, though, if you found this post because you actually were googling reasons to quit your job, it’s probably time to clean up your resume.

[Editorial note/shameless plug: Mazuma has openings!]


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