12 KC-Inspired Tattoos You Won’t Believe Exist

1. Stickin’ t’ my guns, usin’ lots o’ apostrophes.



2.Wondering how many people in the wolf pack have the same tattoo:



3. Nice, but we wish he would’ve committed.

upper back


4. When this dude says he loves KC, it ain’t just lip service.



5. From the same person as number 4, proving that love of a team can really go to a fan’s head.

skull chief


6. Raider hater and staunch anti-manscaper.

raider hater


7. Brought to you by Dwayne Bowe and Arrow:

bow and arrow


8. This tat’s got everything: KC, the skyline and a heart monitor in case the artwork makes you flat line.

kc heart rate


9. This guy takes “Show Me State” to the next level by showing ALL of it.

816 tattoo


10. A whole new meaning to sporting thigh highs.



11. Nice artwork and cool incorporation of team logos. Let’s just hope that bridge doesn’t collapse when he’s 70.

KC Bridge


12. Nothing to regret about this masterpiece.

dark helmet


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