12 Awesome Things Baby Boomers Miss From the Old KC

When it comes to Kansas City, Baby Boomers know a side of it that younger generations have never seen. Long before P&L, Arrowhead Stadium and Prairiefire, this city had a totally different look. And in some ways, it was even cooler back then than it is today.

Here are 12 things that’ll have us all yearnin’ for the good ole days:


1) The charm and intimacy of Municipal Stadium

municipal stadium


2) When Metcalf South was THE place to be

busy metcalf south


3) Having a basketball team that Kansas and Missouri could root for

KC Kings


4) A drive-in movie theater that was perfect for necking

Fairyland Drive-In 1961_1980s


5) Having an actual, ummm, whaddya call it? Newspaper thingy? Yeah, that’s it.

kansas city star


6) An airport that was (dangerously) close to downtown


7) The legal drinking age in Kansas was 18

lady drinking


8) Racing down College Boulevard without hitting a light every 50 feet

open road


9) Speaking of roads … this was considered rush hour on 435



10) The West Bottoms were hoppin’ instead of haunted

west bottoms


11) The police spent more time rescuing cats than writing tickets


12) And this is how you knew there was a tornado warning



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  1. The only booze available at 18 was 3.2 beer, so that had better be a 21 year old drinking wine. Otherwise, former Attorney General Vern Miller would be after her. He was known for putting agents on planes and arresting the crew for serving OVER Kansas.

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  2. Don’t forget Fairyland (the precursor to Worlds of Fun). And the lovely smell of the stockyards on a hot summer day. And sonic booms from the jets at Municipal airport. And, best of all, the amazing Cristmas displays on the wondows downtown at Harzfeld’s and Macy’s.

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  3. Great list, but let’s not forget that part of the “charm” of Municipal Stadium was the possibility of behind a pole that blocked your view of half of the field 🙂
    And actually, nobody rooted for the Kings; they were terrible (Nate Archibald and Sam Lacey notwithstanding).

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  4. not one but two newspaper thingies. The Star in the morning and The Times in the evening

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    • Accept it was the other way around. Times in the morning, Star in the evening.

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