14 Signs You’re a Kansas City Lifer

You know you’re a KC lifer if …

1. You can do this drill in your sleep

tornado drill

Good ole fashioned Kansas City tornado drill.


2. You grew up believing that this was an actual part of the food pyramid


Barbecue is a vegetable, right?


3. You might snap if one more person asks you about these two

dorothy and toto

Somewhere over the rainbow … people will stop asking us about Dorothy and Toto.


4. One of these logos makes you really happy, and (at least) one of these makes you really not happy


The Three Enemigos


5. This will never stop looking weird

mu sec

Mizzou and the SEC go together like lamb and tuna fish.


6. You’ve downed an entire one of these … by yourself


Winstead’s Skyscraper FTW.


7. This was probably you as a baby

baby chiefs fan

Lil Andy Reid looks much cuddlier than Big Andy Reid.


8. This moment elicited physical tears

royals WS

Is there a way to frame a GIF? Someone look into that.


9. This is what pops into your head whenever you hear “Southwest Boulevard”

sw blvd

It’s like the 8 Mile of Awesome Sauce.


10. You try not to judge someone for ordering a lemon with one of these


Seriously, though. Fruit is for pie.


11. You take almost as much pride in one of these numbers as you do your own family


Whether it’s the 816 or the 913, it’s all KC.


12. You don’t look at this as an empty parking lot, but an opportunity for greatness.

parking lot

Tailgate Town, USA.


13. This was your annual summer “vacation” with the fam

silver dollar city

Oh Branson, you’re so special.


14. You’ve experienced more red eyes here than from your sister’s Polaroid camera


Is that a stye? Nope, it’s from KCI.


Author: mazuma

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