15 Kansas City Places We Wish Still Existed

1.) Discovery Zone


The children’s wonderland featured gigantic ball pits, winding slides and elaborate indoor mazes. Then home video game systems took over, causing a whole generation of 90s kids to have no idea what the word “exercise” meant.


2.) Metcalf South Shopping Center

metcalf south

Parents spent their afternoons browsing the shops while the kids threw pennies into the extravagant indoor wishing fountains. And remember the unsettling feeling you had while walking into the Jones Store from the creepy north parking garage? Those were the days.  #RIPMetcalfSouth


3.) FAO Schwarz

FAO Schwarz

It wasn’t a shock when the high-end children’s toy store opened on the Country Club Plaza. But it was a surprise that the store closed so quickly. Apparently Midwesterners weren’t too fond of paying New York prices for over-sized stuffed animals that were manufactured for a nickel.


4.) KC Masterpiece

KC Masterpiece

In the land of barbecue, only the strongest survive. Unfortunately KC Masterpiece didn’t quite have the “chops” to hang with the big boys, closing its doors in 2009. Luckily their delicious barbecue sauce can still be found at a grocery store near you.


5.) The Beaumont Club

beaumont club

One of the premier concert venues in Kansas City closed its doors in early 2013. Luckily for us, the space was converted into Char Bar, which quickly established itself as one of the best barbecue joints in the city. Sorry, KC Masterpiece. #TooSoon?


6.) Tippin’s Restaurant

Today people know Tippin’s as a baked goods supplier in KC-area grocery stores. But it wasn’t too long ago that Tippin’s was a full-service restaurant featuring delicious salads, homestyle cooking and the best pies in town. The restaurants may have passed on, but that French Silk Pie will always be a slice of heaven.


7.) White Castle

white castle

When “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” came out in 2004, Kansas Citians personally related to the duo’s quest for those mouth-watering mini burgers. The popular fast food chain left the KC area in 2001, and we’ve been mourning ever since (although our arteries have not).


8.) Mr. Bulky

Mr Bulky

Mr. Bulky was the place kids would go to spaz out on jawbreakers, gummy worms, jelly beans and chocolate. Fortunately, there was a really “fun” place nearby to burn off all that sugar …


9.) Fun Factory

fun factory

Yup. It was like Fun Factory and Mr. Bulky were in cahoots. “All right, you fill ’em up with sugar, then send ’em over here to spend the rest of their allowance on ski ball and arcades.” Well played, places that are no longer in business. Well played.


10.) The Old Spaghetti Factory

spaghetti factory

A giant order of mizithra spaghetti, finished with a perfect scoop of spumoni ice cream … all while dining in a queen-sized bed or a vacant trolley. Was there a better way to get bloated?


11.) Figlio Tower


Featuring a private event space with a golden dome, Figlio was host to many a wedding reception and Bar Mitzvah party. Even though it’s gone, the Italian restaurant was a cornerstone of the Country Club Plaza for years. And to that, we say Mazel Tov.


12.) Dick Clark’s American Bandstand

american bandstand

This place laid the cheese on thick, and not just on its burgers. The 10,000-square-foot restaurant featured old-time memorabilia and a giant dance floor that was perfect for hardcore boogying.


13.) Aladdin’s Castle

Aladdin's Castle

Nothing like spending an afternoon grabbing a loose meat burger at Nu-Way before heading over to Aladdin’s Castle to play Sinistar or Punch-Out. And if you have any idea what those references mean, congratulations — you were a KC child of the 80s! #BadHairDontCare


14.) Venture


The discount department store was perhaps best known as looking like a giant movie clapperboard. Unfortunately there’s been no “action” for several years; the chain went bankrupt in 1998 and shut down its stores shortly thereafter.


15.) Tony Gonzalez

Tony Gonzalez

OK, so he’s not technically a “place,” but dang we miss Tony G. #GOAT


Enjoy this list? We’ve got 13 more places we all miss right here.

Have some more KC places that you wish were still around? Let us know in the comments so we can all mourn together.


Author: mazuma

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  1. How about the Cowtown Ballroom? Capers Corners? A real blast from the past!

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      • How about Good time Charlie’s! Spent many a quarters in my high school days! Shnucks grocery store, loved the directory pad told you were anything was.

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        • Loved good time Charlie’s never had to wait for a table and $10 was enough for the whole nite!!!

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      • Good Time Charlies and Mission Mall. Mission Bowl Pogos the list could go on and on.

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    • More Places:

      Children’s Palace
      Show Biz
      Hardware Café

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      • Does anyone else remember Wimpy Burgers on Troost? How big were the burgers?

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      • omg, I grew up by Smaks on 50 hiway….I still remember the taste of their burgers!

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        • Janet, I lived on Juniper just up,the hill from Smaks and across 50 Hwy. Juniper ran parallel to the hwy.

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    • 1)GEM membership store
      2) Katz Drug
      3) Milgrams grocery
      4) Skaggs Drug

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    • Was there a Y Drive in on the Plaza back in the 50s?

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      • Yes there was a Y-Drive In on Ward parkway just south of Brush creek. It was a round shape with inside dining and drive in. At first it had car hops that came out to take orders and then brought out the order. Then ca 1956 they installed the menu stands with microphones.

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      • There was a Sidney’s drive-thru and a Winstead’s drive-thru in the Plaza area at that time. Went to both when “crusing” was very popular.

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    • Looking for name of old steak house was across street food union station

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    Bannister Mall
    just for feet
    Montgomery Ward
    1/2 price store (so what if it’s called Gordman’s now)
    the movie theater on Noland/40 Highway

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  3. Gold Buffett in North KC–go to prom and then bowling

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    • mazuma

      Nothing like wearing bowling shoes with a frilly prom dress!

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  4. The White Haven motor lodge – Penney’s outlet – Shakeys Pizza

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    • Most definitely! Awesome hangout growing up.

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  5. Anyone remember Little Angus burger place in Westport on Broadway around 43rd street? Best burgers in town back in the 80s, and even got a write up in Playboy as one of the top burger joints in the US.

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    • Believe the prior name in the late ’60’s was Wolfburger’s.

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  6. mazuma

    Hey everyone, keep the suggestions coming! We’re going to compile a reader-generated list, so comment if you’d like your favorite place of KC times past on it!

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    • Tunnel Town
      Sam Goodie
      Any anime store ever…
      The public Pool over off of antioch
      – I don’t know if i personally miss it, but i remember going there with my sister and brother and having a blast, at some point all the kids would move to the edge and all run in a circle to create a huge whirlpool

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    • Most definitely miss discovery zone. I miss Skateland! (Before it got questionable lol) and Luby’s! That place was awesome!

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    • Allen’s Drive In at Meyer and Paseo

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  7. These are NOT old school! I miss old school things, like Eddy’s Loaf & Stein and Putsch’s Cafeteria….and Woolf Brothers, and Harzfelds!

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    • Hartsfield?! My grandpa was the store manager for years!! 🙂

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      • Damn autocorrect!! Harzfields

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    • Sam Wilson’s Meat Market – best chicken fried steak ever. Was JR Burgers before that and you got a wooden nickle that would buy a cotton candy. Also the deep fried banana fritters…I’ve craved one for 40 years now. By the way, I worked at Sam Wilson’s ’80-83, both the Antioch and 103rd/St. Line locales.

      The original Houlihan’s on the plaza. I worked there too.

      Stephenson’s Apple Orchard. Oh, the apple fritters.


      King’s Food Host 75th and Metcalf – the franchessee (deep fried grilled cheese) was a kid’s dream sandwich. Every booth had a black dialess phone you used to call your order into the kitchen.

      As you may have gathered, I like food.

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      • Kiddieland at 85th and Wornall
        Fairyland Park
        Sam Wilson’s… (oh, yeah!)
        French Market at 95th and Metcalf
        Ward Parkway Country Club
        Ward Parkway Mall… as a MALL…
        Joe’s Diner

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        • Add: Sidney’s drive-thru at Linwood and Gilliam, Earl’s ( a small hamburger joint and a rough hang-out just up the street from Sidney’s. Pla-Mor Bowl, although closed for several years, still maintained a pool hall in the old building run by a guy named “Red”. Right across the street from the pool hall was another drive-thru, Winstead’s 2nd location as the first one was just East of the Plaza off of Main St.

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    • YES!!!!!! Alex, you hit on some great ones!

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  8. Wimpey’s . . . Italian steaks to die for!

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    • texas tom’s italian steak was good to and it also is gone

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      • Everything at Texas Tom’s was good! The Italian steaks were amazing, but so were the tenderloins, and onion rings, and milkshakes, oh my! and I happen to know the Tom (UNCLE Tom to us) who opened the first one!

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  9. Sam`s Town Gambling Hall

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    • And they had the best buffet.

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  10. Fairyland park. First amusement park i ever went to. Loved their roller coaster

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    • The fairyland roller coaster isn’t dead. It’s been reincarnated in Frontier City in Oklahoma City.

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    • Was that in Riverside—-Red X parking lot?

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      • Riverside Red X was in North K.C. and the site of an old horse racing track that later became a dog racing track. Tom Pendergast like betting on the horses at the old track. Fairyland was in South K.C. ….believe the only thing left is a wall of the old swimming pool as everything else as turned into weeds/underbrush the last time I checked but that’s been many years ago.

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  11. What about Zarda diary on shawnee mission parkway? Or the Rieke farmstand over county line road..besy place to get pumpkins for halloween.

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    • I still think Zarda had the very best ice cream EVER!

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  12. Guitars & Cadillacs was the best country bar and concert venues in KC for many years…

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    • Also had some good metal, and punk shows there I saw Goldfinger there. they were the Beaumont club before the Beaumont start to have all ages shows of all kinds.

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    • Met my husband here and had almost 5 beautiful years going dancing there wiith friends every Friday night. Rest in Peace, Barry, and keep on dancing!

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  13. Jenny Reds
    Shakeys pizza

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  14. Wimpy’s Burgers, The New York Delicatessen, Smaks at Ward Parkway and Have-A-Snak on Van Brunt.

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    • Also, Smaks (I believe, home of the quarter pounder) at Wyandotte Plaza.

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    • Smacks was awesome and the one in prairie village too

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  15. So many …

    King Louie Plaza (yes, there used to be a bowling alley in the Country Club Plaza)
    Swenson’s Ice Cream (again, in The Plaza)
    Seville Square (also in The Plaza – I sense a trend here …)
    Baby Doe’s Matchless Mine
    Antonio’s Pizza on Main
    Grand Emporium
    Crosstown Station
    La Croix Creole Bistro (my all-time favorite place to eat in Kansas City)
    Blue Ridge Mall

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    • … and Otto’s Malt Shop!

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    • Oh how I miss the Grand Emporium! Use to go there for blues shows and eat BBQ from the lady by the entrance. Sometimes, I would go next door to get the best pizza from Antonio’s. The Grand Emporium is where I first saw the Red Elvises! good times indeed!

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      • Yep Antonio’s pizza was the bomb!! Zapps had the best burgers and fries ever!!

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  16. What about Children’s Palace the toy store that used to be at 95th and Metcalf?

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  17. Bannister mall, hypermart, hurricane on Westport, show biz

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  18. How about cake box bakery, Arthur teachers fish, whimpys burgers

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    • Arthur Treacher’s had THE BEST fish (& chips)!!!! We still miss it!

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  19. Sam Wilson’s Meat Market
    Country Club Dairy
    Zeppi’s Pizza (the reincarnation did not fare well)
    Jacks or Better
    Allen’s Drive-In

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    • I have’t heard anyone mention Pogos in YEARS!!! Fun times!!!

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      • I was a bouncer at Pogos from 1976-1982 through college and grad school..only quit to become a Marine officer. Add Municipal Airport and Municipal Stadium to the mix!

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      • Merry Go Round (with Hangfire Band)
        One Block West
        Apple Jacks
        Clariette Club
        Daddy Joe’s

        Now THOSE were the places to go.

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    • My Mom and I both worked at Zepi’s Pizza. Funnest job I ever had!

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      • It was in the early 70’s.

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  20. Annie’s Santa Fe on Bannister Mall.

    Antinio’s Pizza

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      • Love the hair colour – I really liked it in your old photos – it suits you so well! I keep wanting highlights (especially when I see pictures of JLo, Jessica Alba or Kate Beckinsale) – however, my hair does not take well to highlighting – and is so much glossier when left natural 🙁

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      • I look forward to hearing how your bread making went!It is soggy and cold here too, so this weekend has been one of blogging, reading, cooking,drinking copious amounts of tea, eating biscuits and catching up on tv (Faulks on Fiction) whilst my husband does his PhD corrections.

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      • Sorry für den Doppelpost unter Eni & TanteEni, irgendwie hab ich immer bei 'Eni' Fehlermeldungen erhalten und nun ist es doppelt eingetragen.So sorrylgEni

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    • OMG…I ate at Annie’s Santa Fe every Monday the last 3 months of my pregnancy back in 1991…..had to go to St. Luke’s and would stop there on our way to or from.

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      • I could just cry when I remember Annie’s. They had this awesome thing called Spoon Bread. I would love to know if anyone has their recipe?

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        • mazuma

          Hey Sonia,

          We put out a request for the recipe on twitter – we’ll post it if anyone delivers!

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          • That would be great. Thank you.

    • I still have a set of blue salt and pepper shakers I pinched from Annie’s Santa Fe on the Plaza!!!!

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  21. Shoney’s restaurants
    The Static bar yet short lived that place was an amazing concert hall.
    Zowie the skate shop
    groove farm
    CD wharehouse on Noland rd

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  22. Oh forgot Sanderson’s and that huge tenderloin they had for 4 or 5 bucks

    Earl’s hamburgers

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  23. How bout the cigar place In Westport…miss grabbing a stogie and chill in on the couches

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  24. Fashion Gal clothing store on Noland Road
    ChiChis Mexican by Blue Ridge Mall (the best seafood nachos and seafood enchiladas)
    Steve and Barry’s clothing store at Metro North ($7 clothing!)
    Macys bargain basement at independence center.
    Conecopia (the original blizzard)

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  25. I miss Cowtown Ballroom and Peaches Records and Tapes.

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  26. These are great! Thanks for the memories! Definitely fashion gal, children’s palace, ventures, but also Magic wok, showbiz pizza, bonanza, po boys lol oh my good times 🙂 blue Ridge cinema… so many

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  27. Don’t forget the original Glenwood Theatre.

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  28. Angel’s Diner, was located near the Blue Ridge mall on 40 highway. They had a 50s theme, big round tables and enormous pieces of cake! Also Don Chilidos (sp?) On Noland road in Independence …although I have heard there is one in Mission, Ks…

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    • I live in Mission and there is a Don Chillitos here. They have the best Sopapias!

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  29. Winnwood Beach, Antioch Skating Rink, “cruising” Antioch Mall, & Dogs & Suds

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    • I never knew a store for dogs n suds but I remember the only place I’ve ever gotten their soda was in a convenience store in Warsaw MO… I really loved their soda.

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    • Fuddruckers isn’t now in the old Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant over at the Legends

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      • sorry. Fuddruckers IS over at the Legends

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  30. Paganini’s Pizza and Border Bandido (79th and Quivira). Sheplers (across from Oak Park Mall), Thriftway, Revco Drug Stores, $1 Trailridge theaters

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  31. So many, I don’t know where to start!
    Bonwit Teller’s
    Sax Fifth Avenue- best Christmas window displays!
    Fudrukker’s burgers
    the Haägen Das store that was next to Peaches Records in Westport
    TJ Cinnamon
    Chi Chi’s- fried ice cream- super yummy!
    The Bristol on the Plaza- my first Prom dinner was there
    Seville Square basement movie theater
    PuttPutt mini golf on Metcalf
    Watts Mill – cheap movies when i was a starving college student
    Wyatt’s Cafeteria on SM Parkway

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    • They didn’t close sax fifth avenue its at the legends

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  32. Merry-Go-Round, 5-7-9, and Deb at Metro North Mall!! Showbiz Pizza and Foo Kee’s at Antioch Mall!!

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  33. I miss Nu-way on Indep Ave, and Vel
    vet Freeze Ice /cream,

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  34. Savoy Grill downtown
    Starkers on the Plaza
    Reverse on the Plaza
    Mi Cocina on the Plaza
    Blonde on the Plaza
    The Drink on the Plaza
    Kay Bee Toys at Metcalf South
    George Brett’s on the Plaza
    Adolfo’s night club downtown, now it’s a boutique hotel called the Ambassador.

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    • George Bretts had the best milk shakes.

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  35. Leaps and Bounds – it was very similar to Discovery Zone. Smaks (no one’s mentioned it yet although I only was there a few times)

    Stephenson’s Apple Orchard restaurant. Went there once on a date.

    XO in Westport. Had to dance in the cage at least once.

    Woody’s (both north and south)

    Uncle Ed on channel 41 at 10:30pm (yes, I know the guy was a perv, but the whole show was cool) I also remember channel 41 used to show scary (not really scary) movies at midnight and Kathy Quinn was an Elvira type host. Then they would play the show again at noon on Saturdays. It would be movies like Frankenstein and Dracula. American Bandstand followed by Soul Train on Saturday afternoons on channel 9.

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    • My husband and a friend wrote the All Night Live theme song for Uncle Ed.

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  36. Checkers burgers
    Grandys down home fast food
    Sharks Surf Shop
    Service Merchandise
    Winchels donuts
    Andersons bookstore in antioch and blue ridge mall
    western sizzler
    the bbq place in liberty near the bowling alley might have been called pit stop?
    Sharper image
    Kansas City Blades yeah we have the Mavericks but I miss the Blades
    KCIR need a new track by Kansas Speedway especially with Heartland Park possibly closing

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  37. I haven’t been to Kansas City since I moved away in 2001. Are any of the Godfather Pizza’s still around?

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    • Yep two or three that I know of

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    • There’s a Godfather’s in Mission.

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  38. The LoneStar in Wesport. XO’s. Borders Books, fuddruckers, George’s Pizza,, Tippins, Jaspers, Dahls Grocery, Metcalf South, missy Moos, Chi-Chis, Amarillo Grill, Houstons at 95th,

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    • My husband was in a band called Menace that played there all the time. It was a small and intimate venue that when big name bands played there, it was like being right next to them. I saw my favorite guitar player there (Gary Richrath from REO) and watched Sebastian Bach from Skid Row light up a joint and smoke it. Radio DJ , Traci Wildes, also bartended there and made the stiffest and best drinks ever! Best time of my life there!

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  39. Griff’s in KCK and Showbiz Pizza!!!

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  40. A few that were left off the list

    York Steakhouse inside Oak Park Mall
    Po Folks Restaurant at 95th and Nall
    Browns Chicken – Metcalf South Parking Lot
    Rax – 97th and Metcalf
    The original Comets indoor team
    The original Channel 41. That weekday morning show that had all the reruns on including the Monkeys
    Dolgins Dept Store
    Zarda Dairy at 103rd and 69 highway
    Rachmart Bowling Alley
    New York Deli on Troost
    Smacks in Metcalf South
    Leos’s Pizza 95th and Antioch
    Streetside Records – Valley View shopping center
    Jose’s Mexican Rest – 95th and Mission
    Happy Joes Pizza – Across from Oak Park Mall
    Jello Pudding Pops – Not KC related but WTF happened to those?
    Phar-Mor 119th Metcalf
    Food Barn Grocery Store
    Stonewall Pizza – 103rd Pflumn
    Sonny Hill and Boots Williams Commercials

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    • Did you know the actor who played Sonny Hill was actually a minister. Married my wife and I in South Dakota. More than a few of our friends wonder if it’s really legal.

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  41. Gaetano’s Italian restaurant
    Tiger Records
    The Pop Shoppe

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    • I loved the Pop Shoppe and remember the one in Independence in the 1970’s, but not the exact location. Do you remember where it was?? Thank you.

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  42. Washington Street Station!! My very first experience at a salad bar, and it was the BEST one ever! Sigh.
    and for fast food, I want a Smak’s burger & top it myself at the fixin’s bar!
    and Chevy’s Tex-Mex place.

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    • and I want my Arena Football back!!!!! Love my Chiefs, but I need my indoor football fix in the spring!

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  43. ‘Jerrys Sport Shop’ in Truman Corners

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  44. People on here must be old I have no idea what any of this stuff is and I have lived in KC all my life and I’m 24

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  45. Polly’s Pop
    Pizza Inn
    The Englewood Theatre (it may reopen)
    Goodrich Dairy Stores
    The Blue Ridge Mall
    One Block West
    Lucian’s Restaurant

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    • Where was Pizza Inn? I remember growing up in KC/Lenexa eating at them in the JOCO area, but I don’t remember exactly where? Somewhere near Ranch Mart theatres perhaps?

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  46. Is big burger still around. How about strouds. I miss show biz pizza.

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    • Strouds is still around. The original Strouds is gone, but there are three others. There’s a Strouds in Olathe, Mission, and one up north that is in an old farm cabin and is on a pond. They still have the best fried chicken and cinnamon rolls and still serve family style.

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      • There is one on noland road in independence

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      • And they just opened in independence

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  48. No mention of memorial hall? Great small venue for concerts

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  49. Cruising Sidneys and Nuways.

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    • Always looked foreward to catching a movie at the uptown on saturdays and then going across the street to Sidneys for a piece of chocolate icebox pie and a coke. Have never had another piece of pie that was nearly as good as theirs was.

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  50. Arthur Treachers, Stix Baer & Fuller, the house off Ward Parkway that was painted a bunch of different colors, the zambie zee zinger, Loheman’s (I think that was the name…the discount clothing store off Metcalf), Benjamin Stables, Heartthrob and Lynn Dickey’s in Westport just to name a few

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    • I do miss Benjamin Stables also. I miss the rodeos there. I grew up with a horse so I miss having a place close to rent a horse to ride.

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  51. Fantasyland Skate Rink off N. Broadway. Now an antique mall. It was next to Putt-Putt golf, but I can’t remember the name of, which is now a storage unit.

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  52. I really miss Annie’s Santa Fe at Bannister Mall. They had the best Mexican food, atmosphere, Margaritas. And the spoon bread was to die for!!! A few years later after they closed, I went to another one on the plaza. It had the same name and menu, but it was not the same recipes by a long shot. Never knew why. My heart breaks when I think about my favorite restaurant ever! I miss that place! I would love to know if anyone had their Spoon Bread recipe?

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    • “Corn flour, or masa harina, is available at many larger grocers. Here it blends with corn meal, sugar, butter and cream in this luscious pudding-cake.”
      1/2 cup butter, softened
      1/3 cup masa harina
      1/4 cup water
      1 1/2 cups frozen whole-kernel corn,
      1/4 cup cornmeal
      1/3 cup white sugar
      2 tablespoons heavy whipping cream
      1/4 teaspoon salt
      1/2 teaspoon baking powder
      1. In a medium bowl beat butter until it is creamy. Add the Mexican corn flour and water and beat until well mixed.
      2. Using a food processor, process thawed corn, but leave chunky. Stir into the butter mixture.
      3. In a separate bowl, mix cornmeal, sugar, cream, salt, and baking powder. Add to corn flour mixture and stir to combine. Pour batter into an ungreased 8×8 inch baking pan. Smooth batter and cover with aluminum foil. Place pan into a 9×13 inch baking dish that is filled a third of the way with water.
      4. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven F (175 degrees C) oven for 50 to 60 minutes. Allow to cool for 10 minutes. Use an ice cream scoop for easy removal from pan.
      ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2015 Allrecipes.com Printed from Allrecipes.com 5/28/2015

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      • Thank you so much. Sounds easy enough to do. Hopefully it will taste like I remember from Annie’s. Thank you for posting this

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  53. Sydneys Drive-in for their onion rings; Clem’s loose meat burgers; 100 West on Plaza for their steak soup; Winstead’s in Indep (now have to go to Plaza or Blue Springs; Johnny’s Cafe in Englewood for burgers; Nabil’s on the Plaza; Stephenson’s in Independence; Velvet Freeze; and the Blue Ridge Mall for all the great stores in the 50s-80s.

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  54. Out of those you mentioned, #10 – The Old Spaghetti Factory was my favorite. Also, I miss the Kona Kai for Polynesian food and shows; Step-Brothers on Blue Ridge Blvd for drinks and music; Olga’s in some of the malls for absolutely the best gyros; National Bellas Hess and Katz Drug Store in NKC; The Swedish Smorgasbord at Truman Corners and the Gold Buffet again in NKC. 😎

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  55. Blockbuster Video – I know it was a national chain, but I so remember going and heading straight back to the newest hits wall and walking in alpha order to find a movie that was in stock behind the cover box. “BE KIND AND REWIND”

    Dos Hombres – A nice small little mexican joint just south of 87th street off Blue Ridge. It had a “tee-pee” roof.

    Cutlery World – When we were 14-15 and “cruising” Bannister Mall, this was the store to wander in to to look Samurai swords and axes hanging on the walls. We also used to look at the butterfly knives and switchblades in the display cases. I think we think it made us look like badasses when the teenage girls went by.

    Bennigan’s – While it is back after a corporate closure in 2008, it is not back in KC, and in my return to KC after my college years I remember going to the one on the south side of Bannister Mall. It was the first time I had “hard” cider.

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  56. Wild Woodys general store on Noland road.
    40 hwy Drive in (late shows)
    Celebritys (now flamingo lounge)
    Jacks or Better

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    • The 40 hwy drive-in is still open I was just there its only open on weekends now.

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      • not the one im talking about. this used to be at 40 hwy and Noland ride, where the potterybarn is now. There was a little diner in front of it and as a teenager you could crawl thru the field and sneak under the fence and watch from the playground.

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  57. Showbiz Pizza (still miss Rockafire Explosion)
    and Children’s Palace (toys you couldn’t find anywhere else)

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  58. Did anyone else go to Green Mill Candy Factory on field trips? That one sticks out in my mind as one that I haven’t seen posted yet.

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  59. Shoneys should’ve made the list!

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    • Loved Ventures!
      Peter’s Drive-In
      Westport Country Playhouse
      One Block West
      Jewel Box (never got to go, too young)
      Caper’s Corner (Ben Asner- Ed’s brother)
      Malts they would give you the leftover in the metal blender cup
      Taco Kid

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  60. umm, how come Just For Feet is not on this list?? Piss poor.

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  61. SMAKS burgers, shakes and fries

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  62. Chi chi’s Mexican restaurant by blue Ridge mall, Cinnamon Sam’s at blue Ridge. Texas toms, ponderosa,

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  63. Jungle Jims Playland(ground)
    Piggly Wiggly

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  64. -Jungle Jim’s Playland
    -Mission Center Mall
    -The Garden Cafe

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  65. How about KCIR? A historical landmark where famous drag racers came to race? Where kids who idolized all the big name drivers and spent late nights and worked overtime to buy the latest in technology to make their car faster. A place where grudge racing kept it off the street and on a legal, safe place for them to see who had the faster car. It was still a thriving business until residential developers built houses around the track only to have the people turn around and complain about the noise. There were a lot of businesses in the KC area who survived because of the racetrack. The racers fought long and hard to keep it open. They raised thousands of dollars for lawyers to fight off the residents who decided since they moved into a area that had a racetrack that they were better than us and they had the right to take that away…and then you have all the taxpayer money that was used by KC to purchase KCIR and turn it into a family park…and now…the once historic landmark is empty. The Christmas tree is gone along with everything else. The only thing left is a half mile of cracked concrete and acres of weeds. No park as promised, just concrete barriers blocking anyone on the property that was supposed to be a park.

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  66. I didn’t see my favorite burger place on the list, Wimpy’s. It was at about 75th and Troost. I LOVED it!!

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  67. Does anyone remember the name of the bar that used to be back behind near 105th & Metcalf, around back from where Hooters, etc is now? In the late 1970’s -early 1980’s it was THE place for us Missouri kids to go as soon as we turned 18 for cheap 3.2 beer and loud rock and roll. I recall it was little and dark and fun. Kinda in a corner of a strip mall facing to the west with its parking in front of it, just to the north of 435.

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    • the 60’s,70’s and 80’s in KC….. WHAT A LOVELY RIDE !!!!!!

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  68. What was the name of the old hardware store (I believe) right across the main street from Home Depot on Bannister Road? The building had a light green strip with green writing/store name on it. This was like back in the late 90’s.

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  69. Town pavilion when the first three floors was a mall connected to the Jones store it was the hidden shopping district of downtown no one knew about in the 90’s.

    Earl’s hamburger’s

    Groove farm best place in midtown to get your favorite bands shirt.

    Zowie’s loved that place was awesome place to get skate gear, clothes, or just relax play their arcade games, and watch skate video’s

    Plaza 3 theaters when you seen a movie there it was just something special that I don’t feel at other theaters.

    Shoney’s breakfast buffet enough said!

    El torreon lots of awesome memories seen lots of concerts there that we are no longer getting.

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  70. Cool Crest miniature golf, In-aTub Taco, Big Cheese Pizza, The Moustache Cip for super-sized burgers in Olathe, chocolate bar at the Hyatt Regency, Andre’s on the Plaza, and some fast food type place that had good salads in Overland Park.

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  71. Boots and Coates on 103rd St – Friday and Saturday evenings you couldn’t get near the place.

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  72. Steak ‘M, Take ‘M! (Troost)
    Metro North Mall
    Taco John’s (central KC MO locations)
    The Thai Place (Westport and Downtown)
    Groove Farm (Westport)
    Spiney Norman (Westport)
    The Hurricane (Westport)
    Cantata 311 Cafe
    Old Spaghetti Factory (Downtown)
    Tivoli Video (Westport)
    KC Blades
    The Outhouse (Lawrence KS)
    Cotton Eyed Joe’s (River Market)
    Leo’s Pizza (OP)

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  73. In-a-Tub Tacos are still around. There is one on North Oak Trafficway in Gladstone. There is a knock-off as well on N Antioch in NKC too (same recipes)

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  74. Peaches music at 75th and Metcalf. Now its a fitness place.

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    • Peaches was okay if all you wanted was the latest from an arena rocked

      If you wanted something more rare or wanted a great selection, Peaches didn’t hold a candle to Caper’s Corner.

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  75. How could you miss Grand Emporium and Parody Hall? Enough with the kiddy places.

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  76. Pizza Queen at 95th and Antioch.

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  77. Bodee’s BarBQ in Oak Park Mall parking lot , Applejack’s in Merriam, Rocknee’s bar kck 7th Street, and that short lived strip joint 75th Niemann?

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  78. Peoples restaurant, Topsy’s popcorn, Strouds, Houstons.

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  79. How about Lucille’s just west of Westport?

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