19 Signs You’re a Kansas City Millennial


1. Your FOMO is at an all-time high whenever there’s a watch party at Power & Light and you’re not there.



2. You struggle to pay the electric bill because you bought all the shirts from The Bunker.



3. You’ve applied at Cerner, work for Cerner or have a friend who works for Cerner.



4. You’re reading this from your smartphone because what’s a desktop for anyway?



5. When you go to Up/Down you have one goal, and one goal only: DESTROY EVERYONE AT MARIO KART.



6. Brunch has replaced Sunday church as the most sacred event of your weekend.

brunch farmhouse


7. You pay your peer-to-peer debts through Venmo and go splitsies on Uber rides around town.



8. You go to Arrowhead for the tailgate, but you’ll stick around for the game if that’s what everyone else wants to do.

chiefs tailgate


9. Group texts are starting to ruin your life (if they haven’t already).

group texting


10. Nebraska Furniture Mart’s 18-month, zero percent financing is unquestionably the greatest thing that’s ever happened to you.



11. You’re not sure which is in worse shape from all those weddings in the Crossroads — your wallet or your liver.

wedding partying


12. You briefly contemplated skipping the Chiefs playoff game so you could binge watch Making a Murderer.



13. Your yoga pants aren’t a fashion statement. They’re a lifestyle choice.



14. You were the first to get Google Fiber and the first to cancel when you saw the bill.



15. Your favorite hobbies include shopping at the West Bottoms and bragging about all the sweet deals you got.

west bottoms


16. You never turn down a date on Tinder because free meals on the plaza are totally worth the awkward silence and complete lack of chemistry.

first date


17. You reminisce about the ’85 Royals, even though you have no actual recollection of them.

85 royals


18. Every year you say you’re going to settle down and buy a house, but every year you end up re-signing the lease on that sick downtown loft with your college roommies.

sick loft


19. You’re a big fan of Shatto milk. Mostly because it’s local but also because the bottles make for eclectic home decor.



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