29 Things I Have the Confidence to do Now That the Royals are in the Playoffs

If you don’t know that the Royals have been amazing this year, you’ve apparently spent the summer under an air-conditioned rock. Watching them make the playoffs after 29 years of denial and heartache is inspiring to try some new things ourselves. Here’s the list of new things we came up with while waiting at Oklahoma Joe’s for obligatory pre-game BBQ – tell us what you’re feeling confident about in the comments!

1) Try the hottest sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings

2) Drive 6 miles over the speed limit

3) Buy that $20 scratcher ticket

4) Not tie my shoelaces

5) “Wink,” “Poke” or whatever they call it on Tinder, eHarmony, (or any dating service) that person I’ve been crushing on

6) Try Lays Cappuccino flavor potato chips

7) Sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at a karaoke bar (because now I actually want to go)

8) Go au natural with my unibrow

9) Ask for that raise

10) Admit that I still buy every new Weezer album

11) Quit laughing at my boss’s lame jokes

12) Tell my mom “no” when she asks if I’ll call Great Aunt Betty and thank her for the $5 birthday check

13) Fall asleep without my Mickey Mouse night light

14) Eat Indian food before a first date

15) Quit judging my self-worth based on the amount of ‘likes’ my selfie gets

16) Finally run a 10K race

17) Admit I actually kinda liked reading Huck Finn in high school

18) Rock some skinny jeans

19) Volunteer to perform at an open mic night

20) Admit that I was wrong about One Direction

21) Organize my desk

22) Go to a movie by myself

23) Stop slouching in meetings

24) Tell people when I’d rather stay in and watch Netflix instead of go to the bars

25) Ride that giant waterslide at Schlitterbahn

26) Give a really good wedding toast

27) Bargain my way to a better deal on a car

28) Quit my energy drink habit

29) Start that vlog


GO ROYALS! #TakeTheCrown #BlueOctober #IBelieve WE LOVE YOU!!!!


Author: mazuma

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