4 Chocolate & Beer Pairings In Case You Missed Out on Boulevard Chocolate Ale

Remember last week when we promised you a must-read follow up to our blog about how to get your hands on some Boulevard Chocolate Ale? Well, we’re about to deliver. Like, now.

Because people flock to stores like moths to flame when Chocolate Ale comes out, you may not have been able to get any and find yourself looking for a substitute. Or, as blasphemous as it may be, you just don’t like Boulevard’s brew. It’s OK, we don’t judge.

Either end of it, you need something else to try. And we’ve got some pretty sweet suggestions for pairings of Christopher Elbow Chocolates and readily available Boulevard Smokestack Series beers that will totally rock your socks (and help you out if you were planning on Chocolate Ale as part of your Valentine’s Day).

This is a running list, which means we need you beer snobs to help make it complete. Add your suggestions in the comments below!


Bananas Foster Long Strange Tripel

Chocolate: Bananas Foster

Boulevard Beer: Long Strange Tripel

Long Strange Tripel has subtle banana tones from the yeast, and the Bananas Foster will make that even yummier. It’ll also work awesomely with the beer’s smooth mouthfeel.


caramel apple chocolate2 sixth glass

Chocolate: Caramel Apple

Boulevard Beer: Sixth Glass

Sixth Glass’ fruity tones and heavy, brown-sugary sweetness will be amplified by the Caramel Apple’s chocolate-y goodness.


champagne tank 7 2

Chocolate: Champagne

Boulevard Beer: Tank 7

Tank 7 is kinda bright and grassy, while the Champagne chocolate has the bright and wine-y undertones to play off of it. They’ll work well together — trust us.


coffee choclate boulevard-dark-truth-stout

Chocolate: Whiskey-Aged Maple

Boulevard Beer: Dark Truth

The whiskey-aged maple has all of the boozy sweetness to play off of the molasses and malty flavors of the beer.


Note: Don’t try all of these in one night unless you’re splitting both beers and chocolates with several friends, because your stomach and liver will hate you. Not to mention the whole not drinking and driving and being a responsible, moral human being thing. Just be responsible, that sort of thing. And don’t drink before you’re legal, kids.


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