4 Ways to Fail LinkedIn

LinkedIn was designed as a networking site for business purposes, and it’s great for that. Unfortunately, some people go off the handle and totally miss the mark on what it’s meant to do. Here are four ways we’ve seen “professionals” turn their LinkedIn account into a giant mistake.


1) You only connect with people because they’re good looking.


It’s not a dating site, or even a social site. It’s meant for career and networking opportunities. Sure, that random person you just clicked on might have a beaming smile and perfect brown hair, but you don’t know her, and she doesn’t know you. Keep your stalking to Facebook, weirdo.


2) You have no profile picture.


Studies show that people like other people who have faces. And another study showed that profiles with pictures were much more likely to get clicked on. Nothing says, “I have a strong work ethic” like being too lazy to upload ONE PICTURE.


3) You treat your profile pic like it’s Facebook.

young couple in love kissing each other

AWWWW, how cute! Take it down. It’s hard to say what kind of message you’re sending if your photo is of you sucking face with your significant other. It shouldn’t be a picture of you with a baby or doing a keg stand at frat house, either. Facebook and Linkedin are different, so keep your party life secret — at least until you get hired.


4) Your profile is full of typos.


Nothing says, “I’ll be a great asset to your team” like “ill be a graet asets ot oyur meat.”


Can you think of any other major Linkedin fails? Or how about just some general faux-pas in the business world?


Author: mazuma

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