5 Reasons Why KC is the Chipotle Capital of the U.S.

Kansas City may be a barbecue town, but when it comes to Chipotle, this city loves to rock out with its guac out. Here are five reasons why we’re #Chipositive that KC is the Chipotle capital of the U.S.

1. Chorizo

We’re the only city in America offering this fantastic new meat option, and it wasn’t by accident. According to Chipotle, KC is its second-most established market IN THE COUNTRY. Yeah, we’re #Chipopular.


2. Cultivate Festival

KC’s got 99 #Chiproblems, but burritos ain’t one. Chipotle picked KC as one of three host cities for its 2015 Cultivate Festival, which included free music, food and gallons of sweat.


3. First is the worst best

Chipotle opened its first restaurant outside of Colorado here in 1998. Sure, other cities might claim that they have more operating stores, but compared to KC they’re all #Chiposers.


4. Pizzeria Locale

Chipotle recently opened its newest fast-casual pizza concept in Waldo. It’s the first location to open outside its original state of Colorado. You don’t need to be a #Chipolitician to make the case that it’s because KC is clearly the best.



5. The Chipotle Hashtag Glossary is a KC Creation

The ultimate #Chipotlist of burrito-themed hashtags:

#Chipartypooper — When everyone is down for Chipotle, but that one friend insists on Chick-fil-a because he had Chipotle the night before. Nobody likes the #Chipartypooper.

#Chipotlust: The instant attraction you feel toward someone who buys you Chipotle. Often confused with true love, this is actually just #Chipotlust.

#Chipotlazy — The inability to move or function as a result of eating Chipotle.

#Chiproblem — You have your heart set on barbacoa, but when it’s time to order you notice that there’s hardly any left and it looks like it’s been out a while. Deciding whether to stick with your original choice or go with a different meat is a major #Chiproblem.

#Chipression — Being devoid of Chipotle for more than 72 hours can lead to major anxiety and #Chipression.

#Chiposers — Freebirds, Moe’s, Qdoba, Fuzzy’s. Any burrito restaurant that is not Chipotle is a #Chiposer.

#Chipopular — The guy or gal at the office who decides to pick up Chipotle for the whole team. See also: #Chipotlust

#Chipotlame  You finally get to the front of the line, only to find out that the lady in front of you is ordering for her entire family of six. Having to wait that extra five minutes is so #Chipotlame.





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