5 Reasons Why Paul Rudd is KC’s Favorite Son

Little known fact: Kansas City produces almost as many Hollywood stars as it does t-shirts with KC hearts on them. But among all of the KC actors who’ve made it big, one stands out above the rest: Sir Paul Stephen Rudd. (Yup, we unofficially knighted him.) The leading actor, who stars in the upcoming Ant-Man, embodies everything this city is about. Here are five reasons why Rudd is our favorite Kansas City son:


60 percent of the time, he’s loyal all the time

Even though Rudd’s an A-lister, he still reps KC every chance he gets — most notably at sporting events and on late-night talk shows. He comes back to the area several times a year and is a major force behind the annual Big Slick charity event.



He sounds like he’s from London KC

Rudd’s played a myriad of characters over his prolific career, but his midwestern roots always shine through. He even sported a KU hat in the movie Clueless. Proper.

clueless ku hat


You know how I know you’re great?

Let us count the ways: 1. He’s hilarious 2. He’s from KC 3. He gives back to the community 4. He stays out of the tabloids 5. He just got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 6. He’s epic at lip syncing.



He seems down to slap da bass

Unlike most mega stars, Rudd seems like a normal, everyday guy. He’s handsome but not too handsome, charming without being brash, and loveably self-deprecating. We’d totally be down to slap a little bass with him.



He invited us to a kegger at his mom’s house

Even though he was joking, some of us actually showed up. Rudd promised that if the Royals make it back to the World Series, he’ll really throw a kegger this time. We hope his mom has a big back yard, because there’s a good chance he’ll be partying with 470,000 of his closest friends.



For all these reasons and more, we’d like to say:

i love you man



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