5 Theories on Why Nelly and New Kids on the Block are Touring Together

For those who are big fans of unusual couplings — like football and brie or a porterhouse and chardonnay — you’re gonna love this: Hip hop artist Nelly will be performing with ’90s boy band New Kids on the Block at Sprint Center on May 19.

Here are five theories on how this awkward arrangement went down:


1. Nelly lost a bet.


Nelly’s friend: All right, you make this shot, we’re even. You miss, and I get to make you do something.

Nelly: Whatever, I got this.

**Nelly bricks the shot.**

Nelly: OK, what do I gotta do? Chug a gallon of milk right before a show again?

Friend: EVEN. WORSE.

Nelly: What could be worse than that?!

Friend: You have to perform your next concert with New Kids on the Block.



2. A simple case of mistaken identity.

Nelly Happy

Agent: Nelly, I’ve got great news. We just got an offer to do a full summer tour with NKOTB!

Nelly: NKOTB? Who’s that?

Agent: Um, it’s a hip hop group, I think. They’ve got one of those rapper acronyms, like B.O.B. or LMFAO.

Nelly: Aw man, that sounds dope!

Agent: Yes, it’s very dank.

Nelly: Don’t say that.

Agent: OK.


3. NKOTB was trying to earn street cred.


Jordan after band practice: All right, boys. We’re old, and we’re out of shape. We need something to give us our edge back!

Danny: We could get tattoos — or maybe we could tour with someone really tough, like Nelly!

Jordan: Guys, we’re trying to look cool, not like we’re having a midlife crisis.

Joey: I already had mine, didn’t I Ralphie? **Strokes his pet goat**


4. This was part of Nelly’s plea bargain after getting busted.

Hot in Herre

Judge: All right, Nelly. You’ve got two choices: 1.) You have to do 1,500 hours of community service and five years of house arrest. Oh, and you can NEVER, EVER sing that forsaken “Hot in Herre” song again.

Nelly: No way!

Judge: Or 2.) You have to go on tour with New Kids on the Block.

Nelly: House arrest might be kinda nice. Finally get to that honey do list, ya know?


5. 98 Degrees was already booked.

98 degrees


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  1. Or maybe because nkotb still sell out arenas and nelly has to resort to fairs and festivals

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