5 Types of Happy Hours

Ah, happy hour. That glorious time that makes 5 o’clock come faster and the work week (almost) bearable. And while all happy hours ultimately serve the same purpose — postponing reality for just a wee bit longer — no two are exactly alike. That’s why we’ve broken them down into five main categories:


1. The “Unhappy” Happy Hour

This is where disgruntled co-workers get together to do a bunch of stuff that rhymes with “witching.” Definitely the most popular of the happy hours. Unless, of course, you work at Mazuma.



2. The “Self-Pity” Happy Hour

This happy hour is all about wine, jammies and watching the Bachelor alone on your couch on a random Tuesday night. It says, “Yes, I’m miserable, but I’m also pathetic.”



3. The “Parental Diversion” Happy Hour

Nothing says relaxation like coming home to a bunch of screaming, messy children who cling to your legs like a spider monkey as soon as you walk through the door. On that note, “One more round, please.”

(please note: this happy hour may come after the kids go to bed)


4. The “Appetizers as Dinner” Happy Hour

“Yeah, we’ll take the wings (mild — Phil has acid reflux), mozzarella sticks, spin dip, pork sliders, chicken nachos (extra side of jalapenos for Suzy), lettuce wraps and a bunch of napkins and ranches. Oh, and like 12 waters.”

Sound familiar?



5. The “Celebratory” Happy Hour

“Yay, Christine got that huge promotion I’ve been gunning for since 2007! Let’s all celebrate until I’ve had enough Appletinis to numb the pain!”

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