5 Ways to make those lonely holiday workdays zip by

It’s Christmas week, and everyone in the office is long gone. Well, almost everyone. You’re stuck at work because you blew your last PTO days on your sister-in-law’s “destination” wedding in Branson.

If this sounds like you, never fear; we’ve got the perfect remedy to restore your holiday cheer.

Here are five ways to make those lonely holiday workdays zip by:


Pump up the holiday jams

Who needs headphones in an empty office? Blast those holiday jams like you’re throwing an off-campus house party. Feelin’ sentimental? Blare a classic like, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Want to spice it up? “Feliz Navidad” is a no brainer. And if all else fails, croon to your heart’s desire to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Don’t look at us like that — we know you want to.

mariah carey


Work on your Amazon wish list

The best part of being alone in the office? No one hovering over your shoulder checking your browser. Take advantage of this new-found privacy by putting together your ultimate Amazon wish list. Whatever else you choose to browse is your call, but remember — someone will be checking if you’ve been naughty or nice.



Build a gingerbread mansion

Turn the stash of break room treats into art supplies for the world’s greatest gingerbread house. Model it off your CEO’s mansion and use shredded corporate documents as fake snow. Promotion guaranteed. And by “promotion” we mean getting fired immediately.



Throw a holiday poker tournament

Go all in on a Ho Ho Ho Holiday Poker Tournament. Invite all your friends — except Tommy, he’s shady — over to the office for some no limit Texas Hold ‘Em. Just remember that while your friends might not be able to call your bluff, your HR director will if you try to cover this up.



Enjoy a holiday movie marathon

Finally, a meeting where falling asleep is totally encouraged. Put on your warmest onesie and transform the conference room into your personal movie theater as you enjoy holiday classics that’ll have you laughing all the way.

elf tree


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