6 Awesome Accidents that Rival the Discovery of America


It’s pretty common knowledge that Columbus got the surprise of his life when he came upon what we now know as the United States of America. And if you didn’t know that, go back to school. Seriously.

Granted, if it weren’t for Columbus we may have never had some of the following creations, or a lot of other fortunate things that have happened since. Either way, here are six awesome accidents our lives would be much worse without:


We Would’ve Never Known Slinky Dog Without the Slinky


A naval engineer was messing with some springs while trying to make a meter for monitoring the power level on battleships when he accidentally dropped the spring. It hit the floor and just kept bouncing around. Now this isn’t for certain, but we’re betting it made him so happy to watch that thing jiggle, he just had to spread the love.


What Would Cookie Monster Have Over-Eaten Without Chocolate Chip Cookies?


Laziness was everyone’s reward in this story. The owner of Toll House Cookies ran out of baker’s chocolate to make chocolate cookies. Instead of getting more, she threw some small chunks in there and just expected them to melt. But fate smiled upon the rest of humanity that day, and the chocolate chunks stayed.


Can’t Make Hand Farts Without Silly Putty


This was a science experiment gone totally right. An engineer at GE was trying to make rubber-like materials from silicone and added some boric acid to see what it would do. The result? A fantastically gooey mess with no real purpose other than how much fun it was to bounce and squeeze.


No Fireworks, No Smiley-Faces in the Sky


We’re tempted to call shenanigans on this one. The story goes, a cook in China put some random ingredients together while he was playing in the kitchen. Somehow, these ingredients ended up shoved in a bamboo tube, lit on fire and whammy. Right.


You Would’ve Starved Without Play-Doh


Oh, Play-Doh, how we loved making you look like McDonald’s burgers and fries. Back in the day this gunky stuff was actually intended to scrub the wallpaper clean of soot from coal-burning heaters. When those were phased out for natural gas, the company faced bankruptcy. Then the owner found out his sister used it in her classroom, and this doh started to bring in the dough. Ba-dum tsss!


Beach Scenes Were Forever Changed By Pam



Not since Marilyn Monroe has something so unappealing — like skirts lifting up in the breeze or red one-piece swimsuits — become so iconic. Thank you Vancouver Lions, for putting Pam Anderson on the jumbo-tron at a game and turning her into the hottest of the 90’s bombshells. Baywatch wouldn’t have been half so watchable without her.


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