7 Reasons Why Rex Hudler is the Best Ever

Everyone’s jumping on the Royals bandwagon, and rightly so. Last year they went to the World Series, and this year they’re on pace to have seven* — SEVEN — starters on the American League All-Star team.

And while there are many reasons for the team’s success, here’s the real truth —  adding Rex Hudler to the broadcast was perhaps the best thing to happen to this franchise since Buck Night.

Here are 7 reasons why ‘Uncle Hud’ is the best in the biz:


1. He has an unparalleled passion for the game

If you can’t hear the excitement (read: euphoria) in Hudler’s voice during a broadcast, it’s probably because you accidentally hit the mute button. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.



2. His famous Hudler-isms

Nobody has a clue what’s coming out of Rex’s mouth next, including himself. That’s why his random declarations are so great … even if they rarely make sense. Take this clip, for example, when he famously declared that the moon “is a beautiful planet.”

[Editor’s note: if you haven’t already watched that video, do yourself a favor and do so before you move on]


3. He’s got great comedic timing

*Alex Gordon gets hit by a pitch.*

“You better check that ball for dents.”

*After Mike Moustakas dives into the stands to catch a foul ball.*

“He keeps making plays along that [foul] line, he might get a girlfriend out there.”


4. He has #NoFilter

Whether he’s dissing an opposing fan or commenting on something so evident that even Captain Obvious would say “Duh,” Rex Hudler always says what he wants.

Rex’s deep thoughts on double headers:

“You can’t sweep a double header unless you win the first one.”

After an opposing fan throws a Royals home run back onto the field:

“If you wanna throw it back, go ahead. We’ll take it back, LOSER!”

While interviewing former Royals pitcher Bruce Chen:

“Bruce, I watch you chew that gum, man. It’s amazing how you chomp that thing!”


5. The fans love him

This is known as the “I wish Rex were here” phenomenon. Nationally broadcasted games mean great exposure, but it also means no Rex. Where’s that mute button again?

Rex Hudler Fan 1


6. He’s devoted to the fans and the city

From bachelorette parties to random visits in the stands to celebrity guests, Rex is always good for a quick selfie. It’s not uncommon to find him meandering through the parking lot checking out tailgates and showing the world who really has the best BBQ in the country. Hint: It’s not you, St. Louis.

Rex Q39


7. He’s an eternal optimist

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.01.07 AM

Never has someone said so little of sustenance while taking so much of our hearts. Thanks for everything, Rex!



*The vote tally keeps changing, so keep going back and voting Royals.


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  1. Rex might be entertaining to some but he has to be the absolute worst commentator the Royals have ever had. By far the worst. Listening to him, to me, is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Luckily I have found how to listen to the radio broadcast and mute the TV and it has been a God Send. I have written to the KC Royals and letters to the KC Star about how awful he is and hopefully the Royals will fire him soon. I can only pray and hope. This has to stop.

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