7 Things To Do Inside When It’s Frickin’ Freezing Outside

OK, so no one’s claiming that this winter compares to the winter of 2014, when 0 degrees was a welcome reprieve and we all started to lose our minds when it snowed in April. With that said, the groundhog officially saw his shadow, so it looks like we’ve got 6 more week of winter to avoid.

Despite the unseasonably fair weather, this week we’ve been rudely reminded exactly what avoiding winter means. We’re all about happy here, however, so we’ve made this list of seven fun things you can do inside that are sure to keep you entertained while your toes thaw out from shoveling the driveway.

If all else fails, binge watch seasons of Bones because there is no other show that will simultaneously make you feel horribly unaccomplished and blissfully content with your stupidity in a single episode. Oh, and you’re going to cry — a lot.


1. Make a fort

Adult Fort

c/o tumblr.com

Forts aren’t just for kids. In fact, adult forts are better than any a child could make. Show up your S.O. — or heck, even your kids — with a fort that includes all the comforts, like television, laptops, snacks and your phone. Make rules for who’s allowed to enter, like they must bring a gift, or at least a sandwich.


2. Actually make a concentrated effort at creating those things you’ve been Pinning


Who doesn’t want to spend some time failing at DIY ideas? We do! A long day inside is the perfect excuse to try out that bunny bread you’ve been meaning to make. This one works with or without kids, but probably easier without kids.


3. Take a nap


c/o glee.wikia.com

For all those who don’t have kids in your home, this one should be a gimme. If you do have kids, make a game out of it. Whoever sleeps the longest gets a brownie! Warning, though, those afternoon nap dreams can be wicked crazy and you’re definitely going to be disoriented.


4. Fashion show with your pet

fashion show with pets

c/o mindfullivingnetwork.com

As long as you’re careful not to hurt them, a few hours of humiliation won’t scar them but will totally give you some sweet Instagram pics. Again, this works with kids or without them — just make sure you do the dressing. Nothing like a three-year-old trying to fit a large cat into Elsa’s doll-sized dress.


5. Get nostalgic


c/o gifmambo.com

You know that old box of photos, notes and keepsakes you have stuffed in a closet or attic? Get that thing out, bust it open and take a stroll back to the horrible haircuts and even more horrible outfits. No, those Oshkosh B’Gosh overalls were NOT edgy or cool.


6. Attempt to cook your kryptonite dish


c/o joyreactor.com

We all have that one meal or dish we screw up. Every. Single. Time. Now’s a perfect chance to really show those macaroons who’s the creme de la creme. Plus side — when you destroy it again, you earn the right to order pizza.


7. Create the ultimate playlist


This one should be done with an adult drink in hand because everyone knows our taste in music drastically improves when we set the mood. Make your playlist on YouTube, Spotify or even Hypster. If you do this one in conjunction with #5, you will literally open the 4th dimension and travel back in time.


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