7 Things You Need to Stop Eating in the Office Right Now

While there’s perks to bringing your lunch to the office — saving the moolah and at least attempting to be healthier — there are a few food fails we all conveniently forget to apply to ourselves until someone else does it.

Like those takeout leftovers you just heated up? Pee-yew. And ya know how you can hear yourself chewing those chips? So can everyone else.

And it’s not just us. We’ve all had a day ruined by someone bringing in a stanky sack lunch. Because of this (and because someone in this office chews his food so loudly he makes applesauce sound crunchy — you know who you are, ANDY), we thought we’d send out a friendly P.S.A to remind everyone to please just not inflict the following foods on the rest of us.


1. Tuna. Or how about just no water creature of any form? K thanks.




2. Funions. See how ‘onion’ is in the name? Quit that. The smell wafts around entire cubicle farms in minutes and makes your breath less than pleasant to boot.




3. Food that crunches. We thought of this as soon as we said Funions. ANDY.




4. Salads. Because unless you’re a magician, you’re going to crunch your way through that salad and be hungry again in 23.7 minutes. And then you’re going to be moody all afternoon.




5. Soup. It smells great, but it doesn’t sound great. Enough with the slurping.




6. Eggs. In any form. They smell like butt. Save them for weekend brunches where they belong.




7. Popcorn. Because it either smells amazing and makes everyone insta-hungry, or you burn it and it makes everyone insta-nauseous. Lose-lose.



Author: mazuma

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  1. I’d better go throw out my eggs-funions-and-soup salad then. Shoot!

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    • mazuma

      We’re sure your digestive tract will thank you even more than your co-workers.

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