7 Weird Foods You Should Try Slathering in Jack Stack BBQ Sauce

If we’re sure about nothing else in life, we at least know that we love us some Jack Stack BBQ sauce. Who needs liquid gold when you have Jack Stack? No one, because it’s the gen-u-ine nectar of the gods.

It’s changed our outlook on life. When someone asks if we want to get jacked, we don’t bro it out at the gym. We pour Jack Stack on our fries. It’s even given new meaning to the phrase ‘getting sauced.’

But how far does our love for Jack Stack BBQ sauce actually go? Do we love it enough to put it on anything? Anything?

Spoiler: we do. Here’s the proof.

Does it taste good on ice cream?

ice cream and original jack stack

We had Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream, which is the bomb diggity, and slathered it with original Jack Stack BBQ sauce like it was chocolate syrup. Don’t judge.

The results: It’s debatable. If you don’t pour as much BBQ sauce on there as you would chocolate syrup, it’s really tasty. Like a smoky vanilla. Just… go light.


Can you dip your pickles in it?

pickles and spicy jack stack

We heated it up with spicy Jack Stack and poured it on our sliced dill pickles. We tried it with  little sauce and then a lot.

The results: No. Just, no. Dill and Jack do not belong together in any way, shape, form, or amount. Still burping this one up.


Does it compliment a brownie?

Brownie with Original Jack Stack

Do you remember the delicious concoction of brownies and bacon? We’d like to shake that genius’s hand. We thought because of this, original Jack Stack and brownies would be a perfect combination.

The results: We were wrong. Very wrong. It’s good we didn’t get video because we accidentally spit it out and it was gross to look at. It’s also good we had an extra brownie because we then ate that.


Does it go well in a smoothie?

smoothie and org jack stack

The idea is that you can put any combination of food into a smoothie and it’s delicious, right? They make smoothies out of grass these days, so it can’t be that bad.

The results: It totally can be that bad. Jack Stack does NOT go with bananas, strawberries and yogurt. Barf. Which is what it tasted like.


Can it take the place of jelly in a PB&J?

pb and jack stack sandwich

Original Jack Stack is a similar color as strawberry jelly, it spreads easy and it has a sweet taste. Perfect with peanut butter instead of jelly, right?

The results: Surprise! We were right. Absolutely freaking right. This was one of the best sandwiches of our lives. The peanut butter was transformed into a smoky, sweet sensation that we are so glad is currently in our bellies.


Can it take the place of peanut butter on apples?

Apples with Original Jack Stack

We sliced up some Fuji apples and drizzled Jack Stack on it. Looks good, doesn’t it?

The results: That’s because it is good. Really good. The two combine perfectly together to give what tastes like an apple smoked BBQ sauce. Nom-nom-nom.


Is it better than tomato sauce in pasta?

pasta and spicy jack stack

Tomato sauce is similar to ketchup, which is just a stone’s throw away from BBQ sauce, right? So it makes logical sense that it would compliment linguini very well.

The results: Inconclusive. Apparently when you undercook linguini noodles, everything tastes disgusting. Nothing like crunching into your pasta. Nom-nom-NO.


[Editor’s note: we here at Mazuma Credit Union don’t necessarily endorse trying any of these combinations, especially the bad ones. Try them at your own risk. And feel free to suggest your own combos in the comments – we might try them in round two.]


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