8 Reasons You’re Gonna Miss KCI When It’s Gone

For years, Kansas City International airport has faced a bad rap. From grumblings about it being too far north to its excessive parking fees to the lack of restaurant options past security, KCI has had plenty of haters over the years.

Now it’s being reported that KCI is likely to be torn down in favor of a brand new, single terminal airport. But just because it’ll be newer, doesn’t mean it’ll be better. Here are eight reasons why we’ll miss the current airport when it’s gone:


1. Convenient Gate Access

security line

Kansas Citians like their airports like they like their barbecue: with plenty of Gates. That’s not a problem at KCI, where departure gates are easy to find and even quicker to get to.


2. (Relatively) Short Security Lines

Superhero Royals 1 (9)

No one likes security lines, but at least KCI makes it at little less excruciating. Instead of suffering through a line that coils like a boa constrictor, we have the luxury of getting through without completely losing our patience.


3. No Home Alone Freakouts


We’ve all had that moment where we’re sprinting through a terminal with “Run Run Rudolph” playing through our heads as we frantically try to make our flights. Thanks to KCI’s convenient layout, you have plenty of time to sit back, relax, and remember that you left Kevin home BEFORE you take off for Paris.


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4. No rail system

airport train

Nothing is more fun than getting packed into an airport train, only to get whip lash from the 12 jarring stops it makes on the way to your exit. Not to mention the E. coli you probably contracted by sharing a pole with hundreds of questionable strangers.


5. Economy Parking

economy parking

No word yet on whether this’ll stay, but it’ll surely be revamped if KCI turns into a single terminal airport. And who knows how “economical” parking will actually be if they hike prices to offset the costs of a brand new air hub.


6. Pick-up/Drop Off Circles

KCI Drive Up

Ever get dropped off at a big airport? It’s like playing human Frogger as you dodge your way through traffic. Not at KCI. Thanks to having three separate terminals, traffic is evenly distributed so we never have to worry about going splat onto someone’s windshield.


7. No moving walkways

moving walkway

It’s so much fun zipping through these human express lanes. That is, until you’re late for a flight and an oblivious family of eight blocks your pathway to Spring Break bliss like the Great Wall of China.


8. Baggage Claim

DCF 1.0

At most airports it takes a train, a boat and a perilous walk over a creaky bridge to make it to baggage claim. Not at KCI, where getting there is a cinch. Waiting 45 minutes to get your bag after a three hour flight from L.A., well, that’s another story. #NoOnesPerfect


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