8 Ways to watch the Chiefs like you’re from London

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs play a “home game” against the Detroit Lions at Wembley Stadium in London. Since most of us won’t be there, we’ve come up with eight ways to root for the Chiefs as if we lived across the pond:


1. Guzzle down Guinness


The game starts at 8:30 a.m. central — perfect time to chug a pint of Guinness and wash it down with Baileys.


2. Ditch the barbecue for classic English fare

fish and chipsbangers and mash

Get your grub on with fish n’ chips or bangers and mash (aka sausage and mashed potatoes).


3. Game gettin’ intense? Start a random fist fight for the fun of it

bar fight

When tempers flair and frustration boils, there’s only one thing to do — fight everyone!
[Editor’s note: don’t actually do this, please]


4. Think you’re a real fan? Get a tattoo of the score — as the game’s in progress


True fans don’t just wear their teams on their backs, they wear them on their skin. Forever.


5. Dump the Maclin jersey for a knitted KC Chiefs scarf


Bonus points if you get Nana to crochet it for you.


6. Create a unique Chiefs chant and repeat it over and over no matter how the team’ doing

Something like: We are Kansas City/We are all the Chiefs/We never win in the playoffs/And our hearts are full of grief/Oh! We are Kansas City


7. Nail down the lingo 

epa04165818 Liverpool's fans in the Kop celebrate at the final whistle as Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-2 during the English Premier League soccer match between Liverpool vs Manchester City in Liverpool, Britain, 13 April 2014. EPA/PETER POWELL DataCo terms and conditions apply. http://www.epa.eu/files/Terms%20and%20Conditions/DataCo_Terms_and_Conditions.pdf

Close game? It’s no longer a “nail biter,” it’s “squeaky bum time.”

Kicker hits the uprights? Don’t call it a “clanker,” say, “he hit the woodwork.”

Did someone get ejected from the game? He wasn’t “tossed,” he was “heading for an early bath.”


8. Make it a family affair


Because civility is overrated anyway.


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