9 Terrible Things To Do that are Still Better Than Seeing Nickelback at Sprint Center

There exists, for a lot of reasons, a strong universal dislike for the band Nickelback. But somehow — despite all human logic — thousands of people (masochists?) still turn out for their concerts. On March 2, Nickelback will be here in Kansas City, performing at Sprint Center.

But just in case you haven’t bought your tickets yet — or have buyer’s remorse — we put together a list of terrible things you can do that are still better than going to the Nickelback concert.

1. Watch reruns of the Royals World Series Game 7 loss. #toosoon









2. Get back to back root canals … on the same day.

root canal








3. Watch a Caillou marathon with your child.










4. Spend a day traversing from one end of Metcalf to the other while trying to hit as many red lights as possible.

angry driver







5. Go on a first date immediately after eating this.









6. Spend the day at the wonderful DMV.

Beetlejuice 2







7. Listen to Gangham style. On repeat. Forever.

gangham style









8. Fly on a plane full of these crying monsters.

crying baby







9. Watch this guy ’til your eyes bleed.

Fat Royals Fan


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