ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Social media is a mysterious thing. Some days, it seems like a horrible place where everyone is nasty and trolls hang out all day perfecting their craft.

Some days, however, something magical happens. People stop being trolls and start doing something crazy for a good cause. This time, it’s the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. In case you’ve been living under an air-conditioned, WiFi-free rock, here’s how it works:


Last Friday, Mazuma was challenged by CitizensFirst Credit Union in Wisconsin to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Of course we said yes. We’d never refuse an opportunity to have that much fun, especially when it’s for a good cause.

Predictably, shenanigans ensued, in which lots of people were volunteered to participate without their prior knowledge or agreement. Like the entire executive team and a good chunk of the management and a pair of brand-spanking New Mazumans on their first day – during their first HOUR – of working with us.

And so it was that bright and early and well before anyone was fully functional on Monday morning, 13 leaders of Mazuma, including our CEO, CIO, CMO, lending leaders, operations leaders and beyond, gamely organized themselves into lines and got drenched with ice water by our newest team members – and then got to donate $10 to ALS for the privilege. Amazingly, no one was fired for their part in hand-selecting the “volunteers.”

Want proof (or at least a quick dose of schadenfreude)? Here it is:

Seriously, it was a blast and we’re happy we got to do it. For anyone who’d like to make a donation to ALS or read about how well this whole campaign is going (almost $23 million in donations so far!), check it out here.


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