Ask Mike: Black Friday Favorites

Dear Mike,

Black Friday has always been a big thing in my family. The best gifts I got on Christmas were bought for half price on that day! Did you have any Black Friday favorites growing up?

— Shopper in Shawnee


Dear Shopper,

Mom LOVES Black Friday. She starts by preparing her outfit right after Thanksgiving dinner. Every year it seems to have gotten fancier. It started with just steel-toe boots but she’s recently added elbow pads and a leather jerkin. She’s so stylish! She ALWAYS comes back with everything on her list — except in 2007. But we don’t talk about that year.

Some of my most cherished gifts came from her waiting in line for hours in those heavy boots, so I’ve kept them to show her how much it means to me!

Razor Scooter: My primary form of transportation until I was 29!

PS2: Where I learned all of my social skills — like how to make eye contact with a girl!

Furby: My first pet! Mom’s allergic to dogs and cats.

Nintendo DS: This portable gaming system revolutionized bathroom entertainment options.

Beanie Babies: Instead of investing in the stock market, I got a bunch of these little guys. I’m only a few centuries away from being able to sell them for a profit!


These were a few of my favorites…what were yours?





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