Ask Mike: Breaking into the Biz


Little known fact: not only is Mike our spokesperson, he’s also an expert at dishing out advice. Fair warning: It’s probably terrible. But humor him; he’s sensitive.

Hey Mike,

I saw the new Mazuma commercial and thought you were great. I’ve been trying to get into the acting world for a while now and just can’t seem to break through. I’m curious about how you found your way to television. – Curious in Crossroads

Well, I’ve been developing new scented candle flavors like “Dirty Sock,” “Body Sweat” and “Chicken Nachos” for a couple years now, so I was stoked when I finally got my big break. All I had to do was promise I’d stop sending over candle samples when I made deposits at the drive thru, and the gig was mine! Not only that, but they even threw in free Online Banking!

#blessed #canihavethosesamplesback?


[ed. note: Do not, under any circumstances, try this at home, take this advice seriously, or send candle samples through the drive thru tubes at our locations (or anywhere else, for that matter). EVER. We post the Ask Mike series because we enjoy making fun of him, not because he has good ideas.]


Author: mazuma

Mazuma is a Kansas City credit union that’s dedicated to banking happy. We’ve got free online banking, low auto and mortgage rates, and of course — you-choose checking. Ready to become a Member?

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