Ask Mike: Cake or pie?

Dear Mike,

Cake or pie? I need to make a decision by my birthday.

– Starvin’ in Stilwell

Dear pie guy,

Pie is an easier word to say than cake, which you’d think would make it a clear choice. Unequal frosting distribution is also a huge problem with cake, unless you’re one of those psychopaths who actually enjoys the corner pieces.

Pies are more versatile in general. I mean, have you ever heard of a cake chart? Pie is relevant to so many more situations, like pizza and math. For example, I know that pie equals the circumference of my belly after eating 3.14 of them.

I’ve got an idea so nobody ever even needs to choose. A Hybrid. We’ll call it ‘pake.’ Mmm, pake.

You’re welcome, world. #nailedit


[ed. note: We usually tell you that you should not, under any circumstances, take Mike’s advice or try out any of his suggestions for yourself, you know, in case following his advice leads to a negative credit score and kidney failure. In this case, however, three minutes on Pinterest will show that other people agree with Mike and that pie-cake might be really good. So just this once, listen to Mike.

Just don’t make a habit of it.]


Author: mazuma

Mazuma is a Kansas City credit union that’s dedicated to banking happy. We’ve got free online banking, low auto and mortgage rates, and of course — you-choose checking. Ready to become a Member?

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  1. Mike, you really should add to your dating profile that you make Pake. Ditch the candles and try 3D Pake. Ditch the shirt. You kinda got a Jay Leno thing from the neck down. When he wasn’t doing his show, he wore nothing but the blue shirt. Change is good!

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  2. Mike,
    I don’t think you’re really old enough to go through “the change.”

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    • mazuma

      Mike’s beard came in at age 7. He got good at dealing with change at a young age.

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