Ask Mike: History of Halloween Costumes

Dear Mike,

Every year for Halloween I dress up as something awesome. Pop culture, classics, I’ve done it all. This year I’ve had a really hard time making a decision. What are some costumes you’ve worn through the years, so I can get a little inspiration?

— Uninspired in Olathe


Dear Uninspired,

Just last week I wrote Jan about how to win a costume competition, and because of me, she’ll probably take first place! This is one of my favorite things to talk about, so let’s get right to it.

Just for you, I’ve found pictures my mom took of me over the past few years — even one of me as a baby! You can use any of these ideas for yourself, just make sure to tell them Mike sent you.


Everybody loves bacon! It works even better if you use this cologne with it.



People tried to help me find my dog the whole night. They were so nice!




This one may seem unoriginal, but the more people wearing this costume, the bigger your pack will be!




I was feeling left out of the trend, so I showed some skin this year. I was on FIRE.




This was the one day I wasn’t offended when someone asked if I had a bun in the oven.



#ThrowBack to me as a little guy. This is my mom’s favorite! It’s pretty easy to make this costume – just grow a beard as magnificent as mine!






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