Ask Mike: Ho-Ho-Holiday Traditions

Dear Mike,

A few weeks ago someone asked you about Thanksgiving traditions in your house. I read your reply, and now I’m dying to know what your Christmas/holiday traditions are. Care to share?

— Curious in Kansas City


Dear Curious,

Being curious is great — have you heard the saying that ‘curiosity cures the cat’? One of my faves!

Just like Thanksgiving, my family and I have a lot of awesome traditions for the holidays. We celebrate Christmas in our house, and the fun starts as soon as my mom rings the Christmoose Bells to wake everyone up in the morning (OK, technically they’re cowbells instead of moosebells, but they’re both part of the equestrian family so they’re basically the same thing).


Christmooooose bells are ringing!

Another thing we do every year is hide mistletoe in weird places. Last year dad kept it in the shower all month long. Not much use in there! But tradition is tradition.

One of my favorite rituals is letters to Santa. We each write a thank-you note to Santa letting him know how much we appreciate the time he gives every year to bring joy to the world (don’t tell, but I also throw in a wish list for next year — never hurts to give the old man a heads up!). If you want Santa to write you back, make sure you send it to Canada at the address below. Canadians are nice enough to make sure the letters get to him!

Santa Claus
North Pole, Canada, H0H0H0

On Christmas Eve, all of my family gets together and takes the Christmas card picture that will go on the following year’s card. That way if someone dies before next year, they can still wish everyone a Merry Christmas! After that, we turn the TV on and watch A Christmas Story marathon. We pick the movie character names out of a bowl, along with a random accent. Then we have to say that character’s lines in that accent. Last year I got Mr. Parker in a Northern New Jersey accent. It didn’t go so well. #fuggedaboudit


Anyone else got cool holiday traditions I should add to my list?


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  1. Christmas night we try to get as many as we can and go see a funny movie, the dumber, the funnier. Last year, it was Anchorman and this year it was going to be The Interview. I’m Very upset because I just don’t think there is anything for us to go see. Bummer!

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  2. Take your family to Night at the Museum! We always go the day after Christmas to the movies.

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