Ask Mike: Must-See 2015 Movies

Dear Mike,

There are so many awesome movies coming out this year, I’m having a hard time deciding which ones to see first. What’s your new movie list for 2015?

— Looking Forward in Lee’s Summit


Dear Looking Forward,

I’m kind of a movie expert, so it’s good you came to me to ask for advice in flick picks. In preparation, I’ve made a list of my top contenders with a summary for each show. If I could make a suggestion to help you decide which ones to see first: try watching the movies in order of when they are released!

NO SPOILER ALERT! I haven’t seen the movies yet, but I do have some deep commentary on the plot.


1. American Sniper (in theaters now!)

american sniper

This is the comedic story of an American con man who travels the world on the greatest snipe hunt of all time. But don’t worry — karma is hot on his trail!


2. Still Alice (Releases January 16)

still alice

Alice is back from Wonderland, but she’s still not feeling herself. So she sets off on a journey of self-discovery to determine once and for all why the raven is actually like a writing desk.


3. Fifty Shades of Grey (Releases February 13 — EEK! It’s a Friday!)


This is really cool documentary all about the grey matter in your brain! What does it do, how does it work, and how much do we really know about it? It answers the ultimate question: Will Scotty ever be able to beam me up?


4. Chappie (Releases March 6)


Chapped lips are the worst! And the characters in this movie are dead set on getting some lip balm to help, but fate has other things in mind. It’s a story of how sometimes, chapped lips are the least of your problems. Action packed!


5. Insurgent (Releases March 20)


After a large oak tree’s best tree friend gets chopped down right in front of him, the oak tree goes on a rampage of bloody revenge against the perpetrators. No one is safe from this tree’s acorns. No one.


6. Pitch Perfect 2 (Releases May 15)


I don’t appreciate the typo in this title, using ‘2’ instead of ‘too’ but other than that, I can’t wait for this movie! The main character is a minor league baseball pitcher on a mission to pitch the perfect game so she can make it to the big leagues as the first female pitcher. Just heartwarming!


7. Jurassic World (Releases June 12)


This movie is based on a true story, where a government plan to go back in time and save the dinosaurs goes awry. The main character is truly inspiring and a real PETA hero!


8. Ant Man (Releases July 17)

ant man

Enough with the typos, movie people! It’s tough being a man — and being an aunt. But if you’re this main character, you can be anything you want to be!


9. Goosebumps (Releases August 15)


The destruction of the natural landscape concerns everybody — even geese. This documentary tells the story of one flock whose habitat was destroyed by urbanization, and how getting bumped from their home had a ripple effect.


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