City of Fountains: The Untold Stories 2

Kansas City gets called the City of Fountains for a reason – because we’ve got beautiful water squirters everywhere. Actually, KC has more fountains than any other city in the world, ‘cept Rome. Well, it turns out there are other fountains in this ole town that don’t get the same kind of attention as the big boys. Here are more of their untold stories…










Name: Dental Spring Location: Dentist’s Office

The water in this fountain comes out at the rate of one agonizing drop at a time, all while you have an intense metal taste and a random fist your mouth. Why has nobody worked on perfecting the water pressure of these things? And why do dentists always talk to you when they’ve got enough instruments in your mouth to start a mariachi band? Not now, dude. And rinse.



Name: Fountain Pen Location: A Desk…in 1948

This fountain runs eternal … or at least until the ideas run out. Do you know how many checks you can sign with this baby?!? How many yearbooks you could sign like they’re the Declaration of Independence? The only problem with this fountain is that nobody outside of calligraphers actually owns or has any use for them. Especially since gel pens were invented.



Name: Chocolate Sensation Location: The Best Weddings Ever

The most elusive of its kind. You can search long and hard for this majestic chocolate fountain, but only a few fortunate souls will be successful. You know you’ve found gold when you hit one of these at a wedding or special event. And you know the union is destined to last if the bride and groom were thoughtful enough to spring for this remarkable cascade of amazingness.



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