DIY: The Ultimate Kansas City Spring Break

If your spring break is looking more like spring broke, we’ve got a solution for you. Little known fact: Kansas City is basically a hodgepodge of the most exotic destinations in the world — if you’re willing to suspend reality and let your imagination run a little wild.

Since you’ll be sticking around KC, we highly suggest that you experience these well-known hot spots with a fresh perspective. You might be surprised by how suddenly well-traveled you feel. Because after all, what else are you going to do?


1. Power and Light = Cabo San Lucas

PandL and Cabo

Clubby, lots of black lights, dangerously low inhibitions — oh, and Shark Bar is full of (fake) palm trees and people in bathing suits bringing you drinks. It’s like Mexico in your backyard.


2. Westport = Montmarte, Paris

Montemarte and Westport

There’s a quaint little area in Paris that’s basically Westport … only it’s in Paris. Cute shops, delicious food and lots of great booze. But in Westport, everyone mostly speaks American, uh, English, so there’s that.


3. The Crossroads = Amsterdam

Amsterdam and Crossroads Final

Bicycles, hipsters and hippies, hurray! Both places even have a wealth of art to consume. The main difference is that Amsterdam features a few activities that aren’t quite legal here in Kansas City. So we’ve heard.


4. Chateau Avalon = Swiss Chateau

The Chateaus

Spend one night at this luxury KC hotel, and you’ll feel like royalty at an elegant Swiss Chateau. Enjoy beautiful scenery, fine wine and relaxing massages that’ll leave you floating like a marshmallow in a cup of Swiss Miss.


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