Epic Father’s Day Wins

Dads are the best. You’ve got the ‘Disneyland Dads’ who compete in spur-of-the-moment laundry basket races down the stairs, the “Mr. Moms” who’ve worked on perfecting the chocolate chip cookie, and there’s even a special place in our hearts for the “Über Strict Dads” who constantly sport the bulging forehead vein. Since there isn’t a handbook on fatherhood, a lot of dads wing it. The result is usually something that gets discussed inside the four walls of a therapist’s office, but sometimes – sometimes – it goes oh so right. In honor of Father’s Day, here are some dads who permanently deserve to be wearing a cape.




If you can find a way to turn your newborn into a plate, then you’re just winning at life.




Your kid won’t change his clothes? If you care, you’re a mom. If you don’t … you’re definitely a dad.




This dad finally found a practical use for overalls.




This is what we call a classic win-win situation. Your kid gets to have a little fun, and so do you.


Let’s also take a moment to appreciate dads who are killin’ it via text:


When they handle sass well:



When they first learn trendy phrases:



When they’ve got a twisted sense of humor:


Obviously what we’re trying to say is: Thank you, dads. You rock.



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