Going to KC Comic Con? Here’s what to expect

The first thing I heard upon arriving at the inaugural day of the first-ever Kansas City Comic Con was “I can’t tell who’s in costume and who’s just living their life.”

The reason for this statement was a guy walking around looking kinda lumberjack-y with an inordinate amount of duct tape on his jeans. It was the duct tape that was causing the confusion. Because the way it was done, it could have been part of a costume, or it could just have been the way this particular person dealt with a few holes in an otherwise-beloved pair of jeans. I saw him a few times but never figured out which it was.

So here’s the thing with Comic Con: there are a bunch of people in costume, and they tend to look amazing. There are also a ton of people not in costume, so if cosplay isn’t your thing, you’re still going to feel comfortable.

You may also run into a Dalek.

photo 4 (1)

And that Dalek may be 5 feet tall, rolling around, and yelling “EXTERMINATE.” And the whole thing may be so entirely like it is on Doctor Who as to be momentarily unnerving.

In other words, it’s awesome.

There are a ton of booths neatly lined up and filled with everything from comic books to chainmail to talking stuffed Archer dolls to artwork. The artwork is gorgeous – everything from the traditional comic book style to graffiti sketches of Beetlejuice to really cool print graphics of foxes.

photo 3 (1)

So go, have a blast, get your face painted, have fun checking out the costumes and geek out in your favorite fandom. And if you figure out whether Duct Tape Jeans Guy is in a costume or not, please let me know.


Lastly, because I know you want to see the costumes, here’s some shots of some people Mazuma Mike interviewed. The video is coming soon.

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)

photo 5

Kim Funari

Author: Kim Funari

Kim Funari is the editor for MazumafyKC and contributes the occasional article as well. She’s also the Brand and Social Specialist for Mazuma, where she runs the Facebook page and @MazumaCU on Twitter. Her extracurricular writing revolves around beer, wine, and life in Kansas City. Kim has an MA in English from Lehigh University.

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