#Hashtag Horoscopes

Have you ever wondered what your #hashtag says about you? You’re not alone. There are at least three people in our office wondering too. So, for all four of you, here we go…

Hashtag overkill

You use every Hashtag known to man because you have #way #too #much #time #on #your #hands. And because you’re probably super #lonely.

Instagram Problems (15)


Our prediction is that you’ve got none, and that you also always have less than a quarter tank of gas in your car.




You’re most likely in your mid-20s or younger. You feel the need to justify your poor life decisions with a motto that would never hold up in the court of law. We’re pretty sure that everyone who knows you is thankful that “you only live once.”




You probably wear a lot of purple and do things like yoga. You are probably also a person who only buys organic food.



You’re probably exactly the kind of person who would lie about not using a filter.



Nobody who’s using this hashtag is actually winning. OK, besides these people.

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