JA in a Day: Mazumans in Shawnee Edition

After some training (and we promise that they were well-trained!), a team of Mazumans was unleashed into the wilds of Eastern Shawnee to teach students at Nieman Elementary about economics, working hard and how what they do in school all day will actually one day help them in their careers.

JA Nieman 1

Second graders were treated to a series of five programs about Our Community.* The purpose of the curriculum is to teach the students about the types of businesses and occupations they can find in a typical city. Rather than brag about how fantastic we all think our jobs are, our team of Mazumans did something much more exciting to second graders, and talked about donuts: specifically, how to deal with a donut assembly line (other than to hang out at the end of it with an open mouth, which seems like the best possible idea). Then the Mazumans fed them donuts, because sugar + kids is a winning combination.

JA Nieman 2

Another program taught by Mazumans for older elementary kids was called Our Region. The program teaches kids about entrepreneurship, with focuses on social studies, geography, business, economics, ethics, reading, writing, and math, because entrepreneurs need to be able to deal with pretty much everything if they want to have a successful business. The most popular activity of the day involved playing a board game about a hot dog stand which allowed the kids to see how money flows in and out of a business. After they finished the activity, they were given fruit snacks rather than hot dogs, because sugar + kids is a winning combination.

JA Nieman 3

Training for the Mazumans and all curriculum was provided by Junior Achievement as part of their JA In a Day program. We’re thrilled to be a part of it and even more thrilled to help kids learn about the possibilities they’ll have as they continue to grow and learn!

JA Nieman 5



*Capitalization provided as it’s the name of the Junior Achievement program. We here at mazumafy paid attention in English well enough to learn at least a few grammar rules, we promise!


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