11 Last-Minute Kansas City Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner, but if you’re still searching for that perfect costume, we’ve got some ideas:


1. Salvador Pérez


If you want to be Kansas City’s favorite catcher, here’s what you’ll need: a full water dispenser, a Salvy jersey, a catcher’s mask and the ability to run quickly after splashing randoms without notice.


2. A Nelson-Atkins Museum shuttlecock


You can channel one of these iconic KC shuttlecocks by cutting a head hole and some arm holes in a white laundry hamper and wear an orange helmet on your head. Please note: MazumafyKC is not responsible if someone tries to hit you with a racket.


3. Joe’s KC BBQ


Here’s an idea for a group costume: choose one person to wear a Joe’s KC hat and carry around some BBQ all night. Everyone else stands behind that person in a single-file line. Ta da!


4. The Kansas-Missouri border


Find Kansas and a Missouri sweatshirts, cut them in half and wear both sides. Then, take some tape and put it all the way up your body in the middle. Add some fake potholes on one side for an authentic touch, and voilà – you’re the state line!


5. The JC Nichols Memorial Fountain


Find your best black tracksuit, ride a stick horse and carry a water bottle around to spray at your best friends… or your worst enemies.


6. Hallmark


This Kansas City staple is sure to bring a smile to your fellow Halloween partygoers. Tape a bunch of cards to yourself and wear a crown on your head. Easy enough, right?


7. The Country Club Plaza


If you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit a little early, find a dome-shaped or Cathedral-style hat and wrap yourself in Christmas lights. Now you’re The Plaza!


8. Arrowhead Stadium


This one’s for all you pun lovers out there. Dress in red, wear a giant arrow on top of your head and carry around a football to go as “Arrow” “head” stadium.


9. The new Sprint guy


Sprint has a new spokesperson, and you can easily take his look. To do it, rock a yellow t-shirt, a black jacket and some black-rimmed glasses. Can you hear us now?


10. Tim Kaine


If you want to dress as former Overland Park resident and current VP nominee Tim Kaine, find a suit and tie that would make JT proud and pair it with your best overly happy dad smile. Carry a small American flag with you for that extra patriotic touch.


11. Mazuma Mike


To dress as Mazuma’s main man Mike, simply wear a light blue button-up shirt and some red pants. For bonus points, grow a beard. (Ladies, do what works for you.) Don’t forget to tell everyone how much you love Mazuma!


Did you take any of our suggestions or think of your own? Tell us about your KC-inspired costume in the comments below!


Author: mazuma

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