KC Royals 2015: Haters Gonna Hate

The Royals are baseball’s bad guys now. Apparently.


Or at least they’re the bad guys if you happen to be a writer of sports headlines. Check these out:



Sports Illustrated:

Sports Illustrated



Even Good Morning America is taking swipes at the Royals now:



One look at these headlines, and it’s pretty clear that the Royals aren’t America’s Sweethearts anymore. Or that’s at least the narrative the headline writers have agreed on: the Royals are thugs, constantly fighting, not worthy of respect, utterly hated.

The stories start off even worse. Good Morning America starts off their article by pointing out that “Yordano Ventura has quickly established himself among baseball’s most notorious instigators.” From Sports Illustrated, it’s this: “Less than a month into the follow-up to their dream 2014 season, the Royals have gone from being a team nearly impossible not to root for to baseball’s resident heel.” MLB.com blames in on Ventura’s newfound wealth: “Ventura got a five-year, $23 million deal and he’s turned into a drama king, with incidents or emotional outbursts in his last three starts.”

In this face of all this craziness, we’d like to point out a few of things.

First of all, even the players who have been fighting with us LIKE US (except for Lawrie, allegedly, but no one cares what Lawrie thinks). How about what Eaton said yesterday after the game: “Ventura is a heck of a competitor. I respect the heck out of him and everyone behind him.”

Second of all, the Royals haven’t been the instigators in almost any of this, as the articles inevitably point out. To back it up, all of the brawl pictures from last night look like this, with Samardzija squarely in the middle of it all:



Third and final, no one in Kansas City is going to ask our team to back down. As far as we’re concerned, baseball this season feels like October never ended. People who never before cared about baseball are discussing the Royals while standing in line for groceries. Ticket prices are through the roof because everyone in town wants to go to the games. And the games are awesome to watch:

must see tv

So dear headline-writing haters, hate all you want. No one in Kansas City cares.


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