Meet the Superhero Cast of the KC Royals

It was 6-2 Astros in the eighth inning of Game 4, and a blue fog threatened to take over this city. But just when everyone thought the Royals’ season was over, they did what they always do: came back in heroic, breathtaking fashion.

We’re convinced that this team is more than just a team — it’s a superhuman cast so strong and mighty that it makes The Avengers look more like The Chipmunks. See for yourself:

The Superheroes

Salvador Perez is … Superman

Superhero Royals 1

Super Sal’s got a knack for saving the day — and our season.


Mike Moustakas is … Wolverine.

Superhero Royals 1 (3)

His nickname might be “Moose,” but he’s got the tenacity — and temper — of a Wolverine.


Wade Davis is … Batman.

Superhero Royals 1 (5)

Davis does his best work in the shadows, bringing justice to our fair city.


Jarrod Dyson is … The Flash

Superhero Royals 1 (2)

No one knows what speed do quite like these two.


Ben Zobrist is … Captain America


Blue collar and hardworking, Zobrist embodies all the qualities we love about this team.


Yordano Ventura is … Flamethrower.

Superhero Royals 1 (4)

A 100 mile-per-hour fastball makes this a no brainer.


Eric Hosmer is … Gambit

Superhero Royals 1 (1)

Hoz can create an explosion at any time, just like this Ragin’ Cajun.


Alcides Escobar is … Spider-Man


Much like Spidey, Escobar can turn his hands into a human web (gem).


Kendrys Morales is … The Thing


Kendrys see ball. KENDRYS CRUSH BALL.


Johnny Cueto is … Jack Sparrow

Superhero Royals 1 (8)

Flamboyant, confident, mischievous, unpredictable, and completely awesome.


Terrence Gore is … Ant-Man


Small, fast and mighty. Gore would make Paul Rudd proud.


Ned Yost is … Professor X


There’s no questioning Professor Yost’s leadership of this superhero bunch.


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