Memorial Day Staycations

Ah, Memorial Day Weekend – a time to honor the brave American soldiers who gave their lives to protect this country. And, for a lot of us, a time to book it to the nearest body of water so we can crack open a few cold ones and show off our American flag Speedos.

While this holiday weekend is seen as a perfect opportunity to go on a short vacay, there are a significant number of people who opt out of the congested highways and pricey plane tickets and decide to lock themselves inside their cribs until Tuesday morning. That’s why we’re breaking down the “Staycation” – so you’ll know all your options and how they’ll play out without having to do a thing. Cuz that’s the whole point of this, right?


Staycation #1: Netflix Marathon

You’ve got three days off and one TV series you’ve been dying to get into. You’ll keep the snacks close so you only need to pause for bathroom breaks and “OMG” texts to your besties after each season finale. You’ll probably wear the same sweatpants all three days, but ultimately you’ll feel like you’re getting the most out of your Netflix subscription while maintaining that perfect Zombie complexion.




Staycation #2: Explore Your Own City

We know what you’re thinking – this is the perfect chance to check out all of your town’s touristy spots that you’ve never made time for before now. Our prediction is that this’ll end up being a Tour de Fast Food, and you’ll only visit, like, one place (the bathroom. A lot.).



Staycation #3: Backyard Camping

The downside here is that the pool is just a bucket in your backyard – if you even have a backyard. The good news is that you won’t need to worry about traffic or hygiene, which is the same as any camping trip, really. Most likely you’ll bring the party back inside as night falls, and it will slowly turn into the Netflix Marathon staycation.


Staycation #4: The Bucket List

This staycation is where you’ll get all those lofty aspirations of “getting things done” or starting a DIY project. Maybe you’ve decided you’re going to take up knitting or you want to learn another language. But realistically, you’ll just buy the supplies and never finish whatever it is that you start. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and not done that.


Staycation #5: Home Spa Treatment

You’ve probably already done your research, which means you’ve narrowed down your homemade facial treatment to either a potato skin brightening scrub or an asparagus puree for hydration. What you haven’t done is purchased the products you’ll need to counteract the effects of the home remedy, which can include facial tenderness and loss of dignity.



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