Navigating the #JoCoGateway

Presenting the #JoCoGateway commute on any given Monday:

I really hope the highway ramps I need are open again after being closed all weekend.

Where did that lane come from? That wasn’t there last week.

Do they actually need all those girders? Will the new bridge go direct all the way to the Moon?

When did this lane decide to turn into a ramp to K10?

No, seriously, that lane didn’t even exist Friday.

Hey look! New construction signs! What new torture awaits us next?

I know the lanes shifted again over the weekend BUT YOU STILL ONLY GET TO DRIVE IN ONE OF THEM

pick a lane

Nooooooo don’t close this highway down it is a highway we all need it to get to places

Wait, that said 10pm to 5am. Not a big deal.

Wait wait wait, that said 10pm Friday to 5am Monday. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE


Woah, that ramp comes up here now? When did that happen?

How do they fit 7 huge cranes on the same tiny spit of land that’s holding all of those girders? Magic?

Look, dude in pickup, I know that no one knows where we’re going because these lanes change every other week, but YOU STILL NEED TO CHECK YOUR BLIND SPOT FOR CARS BEFORE YOU MERGE

Did the road cones breed over the weekend?

I thought this was supposed to make traffic better so WHY IS MY COMMUTE TWENTY MINUTES LONGER

Make it stop


For more commuting nightmares here: 35 Thoughts we all have during rush hour on I-35

For those of you who are also dealing with this particular stretch of road, Kim from KDOT reached out with some resources to help you figure out what you might have to deal with at any given time:
– Twitter: @KansasCityKDOT (also search #KCTraffic)
– Facebook: Johnson County Gateway Project page
– Websites: and both have tons of info


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