Off-the-wall tax deductions.

Tax season: a time when shredders get stuffed like pinatas, Americans shudder in fear and accountants disappear. And while most of us know about the usual write offs, it turns out we’ve been missing out on some pretty sweet items that qualify as tax deductions. Let’s count all the ways we’ve been doing it wrong:

Body oil can be a tax deduction. Score.


One bodybuilder claimed a deduction for the cost of body oil that he used in competitions. The IRS approved this because it was considered a business expense. Beefy.

Breast implants. Finally.


A Tax Court judge ruled in favor of a stripper who stated that the breast implants were a stage prop, and therefore a legitimate work expense that could be deducted. No word yet on the pole.

Good news for people who enjoy the company of cats. Cat food is deductible.


A junkyard owner bought cat food to attract local stray cats as a means to drive away mice and rats. He claimed the cat food as a business expense and the IRS approved it. The average house cat probably won’t qualify, unless Whiskers knows how to audit your son’s mowing business…

Swimming pools? Oh yeah, there’s a way to deduct that, too:


One man was told by a doctor to develop an exercise regimen to help his emphysema. “The Tax Court allowed him to deduct the cost of the pool as a medical expense because its primary purpose was for medical care,” TurboTax said. Nice, but there should’ve been a few penalties for all that skinny dipping.

Beer. Yeah, you heard us right. You might want to take notes.


An owner of a gas station was able to write off the cost of beer because he gave away free brew as a promotion. Now that’s a real man of genius.


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