10 Problems Only Kansas Citians Will Understand

If you live in Kansas City, there are some problems only you can truly understand, and we made a list of them.


1. You were forced to watch “The Wizard of Oz” as a child


Lions and tigers and watching this movie over and over again.


2. Not knowing the name of that outdoor theater in Bonner Springs


Capitol Federal Park at Sandstone? Cricket Wireless Ampitheater? Providence Medical Center Ampitheater? Who really knows?


3. Driving 45 minutes is considered going “across town”


Buckle up, kids. We’re going on a road trip to the other side… of the city.


4. Discovering that the final word to the national anthem isn’t “Chiefs”


And the home of the what?


5. I-35


‘Nuff said.


6. You haven’t met Paul Rudd (yet)


He visits his hometown all the time, so you’d think that you would have met him by now. Nope.


7. BBQ debates


Don’t give a Jack Stack devotee a plate from Joe’s KC. They’ll know. They’ll know.


8. You still don’t have Google Fiber


You signed up six months ago, but you haven’t heard a word from them since. What the heck, Google?!


9. Waiting in the TSA line at the airport for more than 10 minutes


I didn’t get here 45 minutes before my flight for nothing.


10. KCMO vs. KCK


“Oh, so you live in Kansas?” “No. Missouri.” “But it’s called Kansas City.” “Yes, but it’s also in Missouri.” “Why isn’t it called Missouri City?” “Because it’s not.”


Author: mazuma

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