12 Tweets that Prove Sly James is the Best Mayor Ever

We’ve long known that Mayor Sly James is the coolest guy around, and now we have the Tweets to prove it. Check out some of his best moments on Twitter:


1. When he called out a sports broadcaster for incorrectly identifying his team


2. That time he took a selfie with Boyz II Men


3. While we’re on the topic, his selfie game is strong


4. So strong


5. He meets all the coolest people


6. He and Lady Gaga are tight


7. When asked if he was going to audition for a production of “Dreamgirls,” he showed he has a sense of humor


8. Sly James? More like Slay James


9. This 👏 series 👏 of 👏 epic 👏 clapbacks 👏


10. He cares about the issues and still looks fashionable


11. Long weekends don’t stop him


12. And one more selfie just because he’s so dang good at them


Never change, Mayor James!


Author: mazuma

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