Take Your Child to Harvesters

Say you’ve got a volunteering commitment that you’re excited for, but then someone says “oh hey, that’s Take Your Child to Work Day!” Do you:

1) Reschedule the volunteer time to another day so your kid can see your work?
2) Skip Take Your Child to Work Day and continue on with your volunteering plans?
3) Forget the rules about going to the office (it’s not like anyone actually wants to sit through that three hour finance meeting, especially with bonus 9-year-olds) and take your child volunteering?

Mazumans with this conundrum overwhelmingly chose number 3, and so our Team Members and their adorable spawn loaded themselves up and spent the morning at Harvesters. The project for the day involved packing backpacks for BackSnacks, a program designed to help kids in the Kansas City Metro who receive free or reduced-price lunch and who are at risk of not having any food to eat at home. BackSnacks helps out by providing the kids in the program with a backpack filled with two breakfasts, two other meals, and snacks to last them through the weekend. The kids return the backpacks on Monday to be cleaned and refilled for the next weekend.

BackSnacks helps out over 19,000 kids each week, so they need a lot of backpacks packed. Our contingent of helpfully helpful Mazumans was thrilled to be able to pitch in. They started out being neat and orderly about things…

Harvesters Child Work 1

…which, predictably, did not last.

Harvesters Work 3

But they knew it was for a good cause, so the Mazumans and their kidlets worked their tails off. Our team packed 1,869 backpacks in 4.5 hours for the Harvesters BackSnack program.

Harvesters Child Work 5

It was a great learning opportunity for the kids, and awesome that they were able to help out some of their peers. Thanks, Harvesters, for letting us volunteer with you and bring the kids along to learn. We are happy to help!


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  1. Hey Hey Hey there, finance meetings aren’t all that bad 🙂

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    • Tell that to an eight-year-old! That said, they’re probably pretty awesome if you nerd out on that kind of thing as an adult. 🙂

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